Re-dedication N. Rockwell Golden Rule Mosaic at UN 2014 Feb 04

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Members of the Peace Meditation Group at the UN were invited to be present for the Re-dedication of the Norman Rockwell Golden Rule Mosaic at UN on February 04 2014. They also attended the reception after the Event at the Church Center for the United Nations on 44th street and 1st Avenue.. 2014 Feb 04.

At the Re-dedication the main speaker was Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson


Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson speaks at the rededication of the Norman Rockwell “Golden Rule” mosaic. UN Photo/Evan Schneider – UN Photo/Evan Schneider

Rededication of Norman Rockwell “Golden Rule” Mosaic

Following major renovation of parts of the UN Headquarters complex, a mosaic based on a painting by the American artist Norman Rockwell was dedicated on 4 February. Entitled “The Golden Rule”, the mosaic was produced by Venetian artists and has the inscription, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Presented to the UN in 1985 as a gift by the United States, it depicts people of different nationalities gathered together, and has become a symbol of diversity, inclusion and understanding.

Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson speaks at the rededication of the “Golden Rule” mosaic. The event was sponsored by the Permanent Mission of the United States to the UN. 04 February 2014; United Nations, New York  Photo # 579110

Poetic lines on Norman Rockwell, America and Oneness

America’s vastness the world knows.

America’s oneness only a soul

like Norman Rockwell could feel.

We the seekers shall always feel in him

America’s oneness-loving life and

America’s satisfaction-distributing heart.

– Sri Chinmoy 10 November 1978 memorial tribute to the American artist Norman Rockwell during a meeting of the Peace Meditation Group at the U.N. in the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium. (see Note 1) and also song composed for the occasion.


Some Participants at event and supporters of Thanksgiving Foundation from Texas 0n Feb 04 2014

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–  Nancy Cain MARCUS, member of the Thanksgiving Square Foundation and former Public Delegate at the US Mission,
–  Jan ELIASSON, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations;
–  Peter STEWART, Founder of Thanksgiving Square Foundation;

–  Jeffrey DeLAURENTIS, Representative of the Mission of the UNITED STATES to the United Nations.


Jeffrey DeLAURENTIS, Representative of the Mission of the UNITED STATES to the United Nations.


Nancy Cain MARCUS, member of the Thanksgiving Square Foundation and former Public Delegate at the US Mission,

    • Philip Kingston, Dallas Council Representative

Peter STEWART, Founder of Thanksgiving Square Foundation

Peter STEWART, Founder of Thanksgiving Square Foundation in front of Mosaic speaking of the eyes..

A (historical) perspective of Sri Chinmoy: the Peace Meditation at the UN.

1. This Rockwell mosaic is a Gift of the USA to the people of the world in thanksgiving for the spirit and goals of the U.N.(See note 2)

  •  The original sketch for the mosaic was as a backdrop to the Security Council meeting room.
  •  The people in the painting are looking out at the delegates making decisions that will affect everyone’s life.

Sri Chinmoy leader of the Peace Meditations at the UN Expressed to us that

the spirit behind the creation of the United States of America,

was similar to the spirit behind the creation of the United Nations,

He felt the next step or evolutionary goal would be a “Oneness-World”. (see notes 7 -9)

When we look at this painting, this mosaic, we sense the feeling of a oneness world.

– We can see diversity of races, religion, gender and age.

– Yet all are looking together in the same direction , pensive but hopeful.

2. some who helped over the years on the Thanksgiving journey may be missing from a photo of today, but certainly not missing from our gratitude hearts

a) First Betty May, Mrs.. Stewart:

–  a graceful and positive presence beside Peter in their marathon effort.
–   We met her in the 1970’s on a peace meditation members’ first trip to Dallas.
–  Her smile and accepting loving heart many others also experienced when she came here to the U.N.

b) We remember Ambassador Hepburn and the interfaith leaders who

–  presented to the Secretary-General outside the Meditation Room the 1982 (and first) Declaration of World Thanksgiving.

–  This marked the 25th anniversary of Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold’s redesign of the “Meditation- Room of Quiet” in the public lobby. (See Note 3)

c) Ambassador Chowdhury and Father Louie Dolan worked to bring the NGOs and the delegations together in support of

–  resolutions for the 2000 Year of Peace and 2000 Year Thanksgiving.

–  They facilitated a wonderful presentation to the Secretary-Genera of the “1996 Declaration of World Thanksgiving” in front of this Golden Rule mosaic. (See Note 4)

d) Sri Chinmoy was the assuring presence behind, the first interfaith prayer observance at the UN in July 1975 (See note 5).

–  That brought the Peace Mediation Group and the UN Community in touch with Peter Stewart and Thanks-Giving Square foundation and colleagues.

–  It was the start of Peace Meditation member’s trips to Dallas  and of

–  TG Square representatives presence at thanksgiving and other related events here at the U.N. (See note 6)..

–  and for example Robert Muller’s early visit to Dallas before he was Assistant Secretary-General.

Sri Chinmoy also encouraged us with songs and inspiring messages about gratitude. Telling us that Peter was truly a noble soul and we should assist him and his colleagues in their beautiful work.

For all these and those in the future who will continue to believe in the power of gratitude and the vision of a oneness-world we are most thankful.

3. The UN has been called “the Heart-Home of the World-Body.

This gift was from the heart of the USA.

It is important to have the UN Heart-Home and in it , this “do unto others” mosaic,

For like the meditation room of quiet it is a special reminder

as we and those who come after; aspire to move us closer

to a thanksgiving and gratitude filled “Oneness-World”.

2914-02-feb-04-rockwell-un-dedication-peter-and-peace-med-un-bight-adjustPeter Stewart, Founder of Thanksgiving Foundation which was behind the original gift from USA to UN in Front of Golder Rule Mosaic on 4 Feb 2014 with Peace Meditation Group Members.

Peter had first attended thanksgiving programs organized by the Meditation Group at the UN in the 1970’s.

From UN Press center

5 February 2014 – A mosaic based a on a work by American artist Norman Rockwell, long a favourite attraction on tours of the United Nations in New York, has been re-dedicated following its restoration during the reconstruction of the Headquarters complex.

Entitled “Golden Rule,” the work was presented to the UN in 1985 as a gift on behalf of the United States by then First Lady Nancy Reagan. The half-ton mosaic depicts people of different nationalities standing together with the words “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” inscribed on the surface.

Speaking at the rededication ceremony yesterday, Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson ascribed the popularity of the work to its embrace both of multiculturalism and the idealism at the core of the United Nations.

“It reflects humanity – the wondrous mix of nationalities, creeds and colours,” Mr. Eliasson said.

“But it also reflects the very essence of our mission as set out in our Charter,” he added.

“At its core, the work is about narrowing the gap between the world as it is and the world as we want it to be,” he said.

Noting that the ethic described by the Golden Rule is common to numerous traditions, he cited a number of maxims, from the biblical “Love thy neighbour as thyself,” to the Yoruba “One taking a pointed stick to pinch a baby bird should first try it on himself to feel how it hurts.”

At the rededication, Mr. Eliasson also announced that the world Organization is currently in conversation with the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts on bringing to Headquarters a little-known Rockwell work called “The United Nations,” sketched years before the “Golden Rule” was painted.

“It is a remarkable piece – stretching eight feet and depicting members of the Security Council and the UN flag flanked by dozens of representatives of humanity,” he said.

Meanwhile, the “Golden Rule,” its cracks repaired, is back on view on the third floor of the Conference

– form UN press center:

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see also Notes:
N2. Norman Rockwell: Golden Rule Mosaic, UN 40th Anniversary 21 Oct 1985 at:
N3. Meditation Room UN 25 Yr. : Presentation to SG, 1st “Declaration World Thanks..” 1982 – 83
N6. INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THANKSGIVING Tuesday, November 25, 1975 (includes Thanks-giving Square and P.Stewart)
The US Declaration of Independence, UN Charter and Oneness-World aspiration
“The term ‘united’ has always had a special appeal to all human souls”
“The concept of the United Nations has verily come from the United States, unconsciously if not consciously”,
“The U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.N. Charter are humanity’s two aspiration-dedication-realities.”
” United Nations will be expanded into Oneness-World.”
“The United Nations is …the way of oneness, that leads us to the Supreme Oneness.”

the words to the Norman Rockwell Song that was part of the Tribute programm on 10 Nov 1978

Norman Rockwell, Norman Rockwell, Norman Rockwell!
Your good America’s simplicity-life,
Your kind America’s happiness-heart
Forever in your fondness-memory shall dwell.
O illustrator supreme,
O Reality’s revealed dream,
America’s height, America’s depth,
America’s breadth, America’s length
Salute your splendid Americana-oneness-strength.


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