The United Nations As An Instrument Of Human Unification

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Note: The below text is from 1974 – “Tears of Nation Hearts”. Refer to slightly edited/revised Text in 1995 version “Garland of Nations Souls” -(c) 1995 – Sri Chinmoy ” – Print version Page  17,  Published by Health Communications . Inc.

There is example  note in text below where newer wording which is slightly different  has been used as part of collection of quotations elsewhere)

The United Nations as an instrument of human unification. This is the subject of our talk, and I am sincerely grateful to Mr. Donald Keys, who offered this title. This is a lofty, most significant subject, and time will not allow me to do justice to it. What I wish to speak about is not what I have learned from books or news media, but rather what I feel from within. What I feel in the inmost recesses of my heart as solid experience is what I wish to share with the seekers present here.

The United Nations as an instrument of human unification. What is an instrument? An instrument is the reality of the Creator’s Dream. The United Nations is an instrument, a significant instrument, an unprecedented instrument of God for His searching, aspiring and loving humanity. This instrument is the joy of the Creator and at the same time, it is the joy of the creation.

The United Nations embodies both Heaven’s Vision and earth’s reality. There was a time when Heaven’s Vision was not manifested as reality. We called it the League of Nations. But then the League of Nations was transformed into reality, and became the United Nations. We are all in the process of evolution. Once upon a time we were in the animal kingdom; now we are in the human world, consciously trying to transcend our earth-bound realities. While we were in the animal kingdom, the message of unification did not exist. There was only the message of destruction. In the human world, the message of unification is something real and significant; but, at the same time, unification is still a far cry.

Unification and perfection go together. They complement and fulfil each other. Unification and satisfaction go together. They, too complement and fulfil each other. Unification is the song of the many for the One. Perfection is the song of One for the many. Satisfaction is the song of the One in the many and the song of many in the One.

Delegates-observing-a-minute-of-silence-dedicated-to-prayer-or-meditation-un-photo-246872-1974-may-02 General Assembly Concludes Sixth Special Session UN Photo/Yutaka Nagata

When we think of the United Nations, the first and foremost thing that comes to our human mind is reliance. Self-reliance is good; inter-reliance is better. But oneness in multiplicity and multiplicity in oneness is by far the best. There is a great difference between self reliance and independence. When we rely on ourselves, on our inner being, our own divinity acts in and through us. At that time, we are relying on the inner Pilot, who is in all and who is our All. But when we advocate independence, our uncontrolled, undisciplined, undivine and autocratic nature comes to the fore. Independence we experienced in the animal world. When we exercised our independence, what did we do? We quarrelled, we fought, we killed and we destroyed one another. The message of unification can never breathe in this type of independence. The forest of independence is full of conflicts and contests that nobody actually wins. But in self-reliance, the divine and the soul-light come forward from within us and show us the way and the goal.

The United Nations is not a thing to appreciate, admire or adore. Rather, it is the way, the way of oneness, that leads us to the Supreme Oneness.

It is like a river flowing toward the source, the Ultimate Source. The United Nations is the way that wants to lead the world to the destined Goal, where Light and Delight reign supreme.

In this world we see that some people just talk, others talk and then act, others talk and act simultaneously, and still others only act and then let others talk for them. Finally there is a type of person who just acts for the sake of action divine. This is the supreme category. Without the least possible hesitation I would like to say that the United Nations belongs to this category. Outwardly I will not be able to prove this, for as I said before, I do not know about the United Nations’ outer achievements. But, being a seeker of the highest Truth who lives in the inner world, who sees and feels and knows what the United Nations is doing, I am perfectly familiar with the inner achievements of the United Nations.

The United Nations is a real mother, and the world is like a child in front of it. Now you may say that the world is so vast, whereas the United Nations is just a small building. But you have to know who is playing what role on earth. The United Nations is playing the role of the mother. The mother offers her very existence to feed and nourish the child and give the child the message of Light, the message of Truth, the message of Reality. We notice that the child very often ignores the mother’s offering or takes it for granted. It is true that the child accepts, but when it is a matter of offering gratitude to the mother, the child consciously or unconsciously forgets.

Now, when the mother does everything for the child, it is not news. But if the child offers a glass of water to the mother, then that becomes news. The mother will work for twenty-four hours like a slave to please the child, but when the child does something most insignificant for the mother, the world takes note of it. The United Nations receives help from the four corners of the globe—financial help, all kinds of help—and that becomes news in the world. But what the United Nations at every second inwardly and outwardly is offering or trying to offer is not news; this the world does not recognise.

The world is blind; it needs God-Vision. And the United Nations has God-Vision in abundant measure. The world is weak; it needs soul-power. And the United Nations has soul-power in abundant measure. The world is suffering; it needs heart-consolation. And the United Nations has heart-consolation in abundant measure.

With utmost love and humility, the seeker in me tells the world to talk less and listen more. Listen to whom? Not to me, but to the United Nations. The United Nations has much to offer in every field, so the world needs its constant, conscious, unfailing and unceasing advice. If the world does not believe in the soul-peace of the United Nations, how will the world believe in the heart-dedication of the United Nations?

[For above paragraph see different wording below for last two lines of this paragraph in “Garland of Nations Souls” -(c) 1995 – Sri Chinmoy ” – Print version Page 17,  Published by Health Communications . Inc

The United Nations has much to offer in every field.

It unmistakably has the soul-peace and the heart-dedication

to be the first and foremost instrument of human unification. ]

The Creator is at once the Silence-seed and the Sound-tree. As the Silence-seed, as the Silence of the Transcendental Height, He embodies His own highest height and deepest depth. And as the Sound-tree, He offers to His creation His own achievement. Silence prepares; Sound reveals. Sound offers what Silence is. Silence tells us who God is and Sound tells us where God is. Who is God? God is man’s eternal cry for the highest Transcendental Supreme. And where is God? God is in man’s soulful smile. God is all the time visible in our heart’s smile and our soul’s smile. Where smile looms large in our existence, there alone we see God’s very presence. Silence-life is embodied in the soul of the United Nations, and Sound-life is embodied in the body of the United Nations. If the world does not believe in the Silence-life of the United Nations, how will the world believe in the Sound-life of the United Nations?

The outer reality is not always the real reality. The outer reality sometimes, if not always, deceives us. The outer reality very often comes to us in the form of temptation, whereas the inner reality comes to us in the form of emancipation, liberation and salvation. If from the outer reality we go to the inner reality to challenge and fight against it, then we are acting like a fool. The inner reality will never surrender to the outer reality. But if we become one with the inner reality, which is our Silence-life, which is God’s Vision, then we can bring it to the fore and transform the outer reality. The outer reality is the reality created by the human mind, the mind which right now is imperfection incarnate. Again, this very mind will one day be transformed, perfected, divinised and immortalised. By whom? By the Inner Pilot and by the divine forces of the inner world.

Critics are of the opinion that the United Nations sometimes is not brave enough or quick enough. Now it is very easy to criticise an organisation. But we have to know what precisely an organisation is. An organisation is composed of human beings, and human beings are far, far from perfection. It is the human in us that criticises, not the divine in us. The divine in us sees the perfection in ourselves and in others. Who is our brother? He is our brother who sees the divine in us and the perfection in us. A real seeker feels that he is growing from perfection, to greater perfection, to infinite Perfection; from light, to more light, to abundant, infinite and immortal Light. Similarly the achievement of the United Nations in the outer world is the achievement of a perfection that is always becoming more perfect; and a day will come when it will be totally perfect.

There are many ways to serve the United Nations: with the physical body, physical mind, the inner heart and the soul’s good will. I wish to say that all the services rendered by each individual are necessary, for through them we all offer our perfection to the soul of the United Nations. Each individual not only has the message of perfection, but actually is the message of perfection. And if we can offer this message of perfection to the soul of the United Nations, then the capacity of the United Nations multiplies itself into infinity.

Let us not ask the United Nations what it has done. Let us not even ask ourselves what we have done. But let us only ask ourselves whether we are of the United Nations and for the United Nations. If we say we are of the United Nations, then our source is peace, infinite Peace. And if we say we are for the United Nations, then our manifestation is delight, eternal Delight. Our source is Peace and our manifestation is Bliss on earth. So if we know what we are and what we stand for, then the United Nations becomes for us the answer to world suffering, world darkness and world ignorance.

The inner vision of the United Nations is the gift supreme.

This vision the world can deny for ten, twenty, thirty, forty, one hundred years. But a day will dawn when the vision of the United Nations will save the world.

And when the reality of the United Nations starts bearing fruit,

then the breath of Immortality will be a living reality on earth.

Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, United Nations, NY, May 9, 1974 –   Sri Chinmoy. Appears in The Garland of Nation Souls -1995 , page 15 – 18 print version,  Also in earlier version of  The Tears Of Nation-Hearts, Agni Press, 1974. (above text is from 1974 version)