UN International Mother Language Day 2019 Feb 21

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On 21 February 2019, the Peace Meditation Choir was invited by H.E. Ambassador Masud Bin Momen, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN, to perform at an International Mother Language Day celebration at UN Headquarters. Held in Conference Room 2, the programme was cosponsored by the Permanent Missions of Bangladesh, Guatemala, Mozambique, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea, in collaboration with the UN Secretariat and UNESCO Office in New York, as well as the Office of the Mayor of New York City.

The Singers opened the Cultural Segment of the programme with the theme song for the 21st of February, Amar Bhaiyer, joined by a very special member of the group, Saleha Islam, the wife of Khourshedul Islam, a freedom fighter in the Bangladesh Liberation Movement. The Singers then performed 4 songs by Sri Chinmoy in his native Bengali and in English, accompanied by harmonium, flute, violin and tablas.

The Singers also read the following special quote by Sri Chinmoy in the original English, as well as several translations representative of the Mother Languages of some of the singers: “Your own mother tongue, the language that you learned right from birth, is inseparably one with your life-breath.”

The Singers were featured in both Bangladeshi online and print media coverage of the event. In a very kind letter sent afterwards, Ambassador Momen thanked us for the “captivating performance” and said, “You and your team’s dedication to multilingualism in general and passion for ‘Bangla’ is something we deeply value. We also cherish the long partnership we have developed over time through your contribution to observance of the International Mother Language Day each year. I am looking forward to your continued participation in our future endeavours.”