Questions & Answers

Answers to commonly asked questions about meditation and the Peace Meditations at the United Nations

Questions answered by Sri Chinmoy

Meditation on UN and for UN?    

Meditation for specifics or peace and love?

If tired, still beneficial to attend meditation at UN?    

Best way to serve = meditation or action?

Does Meditation Peace have effect on delegates who don’t attend?    

Meditation and Prayer = love and joy – But what about suffering of others  felt?      

Does writing about happiness help others?

Is portion of soul of UN inside all people who work for the UN? 

What is most important aspect of work at UN?

What is most important to remember working at UN?    

What qualities can we offer to UN to best fulfil it?    

How work with dynamism and confidence at UN?

Can knowledge of spirituality help professional people to serve mankind?

What should  attitude be towards working at the UN?

What about the gap between high ideals of  UN and  daily life in Secretariat offices?

 How  dedicate each task to soul of UN?    

Bring divine consciousness to everyday activities at UN?    

Work with spontaneity and sincerity at UN?   

Should  body of  UN remain fluid so soul can easily manifest?

What do to help humanity become more receptive to UN efforts towards peace?

How can help pilots of UN—the Secretary-General and Directors?

How should a seeker at the UN deal with staff members who do not want to work and who even block the work of others?

How detach emotionally from irritating people and situations?

How avoid tension when doing a project under pressure?

Staff at the UN with seemingly insignificant jobs contribute to world peace? 

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