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1. If tired, still beneficial to attend meditation at UN?

2. Best way to serve = meditation or action?

The following questions and answers are excerpted from My Meditation-Service at the United Nations for 25 years, by Sri Chinmoy (1995).

 Question: If we are feeling tired, is it still beneficial to attend the meditation sessions at the United Nations?

 Sri Chinmoy: If you are tired, you should come to the meditations in order to get a new flow of life energy, new enthusiasm and new promise. Meditation is a process that awakens our dormant energy or allows us to acquire energy that right now we do not have. Most of the time, the energy we have is very limited. We work for a few hours and then we have to sleep or rest to recuperate. But meditation has the capacity to bring into our physical existence the cosmic energy that is all around us; it can supply us with constant energy. So it is always advisable to come to the meditations regularly; then you will have new energy. Meditation is illumination and illumination is the constant flow of new possibilities, new realisations and new perfection in life.

18 March 1977 (p. 124)

 Question: What is the best way to serve the United Nations: through meditation or action?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no basic difference between soulful action and soulful meditation. Meditation and action are one, provided they are done in a soulful way. If one acts soulfully, then one is doing a really good meditation. And if one is meditating soulfully, then that person is also acting in a divine way. If there is a soulful reality inside our action and if there is a soulful reality inside our meditation, then they are serving the same purpose.

            At times our mind separates action and meditation. But we can easily convince the mind by reaching a certain height with our morning meditation and by reaching the same height through our actions during the day. What we call meditation in the morning, we call dedicated action during the day.

– 26 November 1976 (p. 105)

At the invitation of Secretary-General U Thant in the spring of 1970, Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) began conducting twice-weekly non-denominational meditations for peace for United Nations staff members, delegates, NGO representatives and affiliates. The Peace Meditation at the United Nations also offered programmes, concerts and lectures to promote world harmony, and Sri Chinmoy answered many questions about the spiritual role of the United Nations. For information about ongoing activities of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations: (718) 291-0364.

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