India Embassy in Nepal Souvenir – 3rd International Yoga Day 2017 Jun 21

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The India Embassy in Nepal prepared a bilingual souvenir

for the 3rd International Day of Yoga.

Sri Chinmoy’s Thoughts on “Who is Fit for Yoga? were included along with his comments on “What is Yoga?” and Various kinds of Yoga:

You can read the text directly at this site by clicking on the article tiles above or from a scanned image of the pages of the souvenir in gallery below.


The President and Prime Minister of Nepal sent messages of encouragement that were included with the souvenir..

Messages from the Prime Minister of India and the Ambassador of India to Nepal were also presented.

A graphic  had a quote by Swami Vivekananda:

“Yoga a word derived from, the same Sanskrit root as the English ‘Yoke’,

meaning ‘to join’,

to join us to our reality, God.


One page was headlined by words of Sri Aurobindo:

“All Life is Yoga”

It was illustrated with many Hatha Yoga positions around the Sun titled “Surya Namaskar”


UN Resolution proclaiming International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga – Resolution Adopted by UN on 11 December 2014







Who is Fit £or Yoga?


pdf: 3rd Intl Day of Yoga -Embassy of India in Kathmandu-publication-crp-rotate-ocr