Part 3-09B Interfaith Harmony and shared values for a Peaceful World: 2014 Summary update

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“Let each religion play the role of a flower.”

– Sri Chinmoy 1968*

From time to time the Peace Meditation group at the U.N. offers special programs on various themes, often co-sponsored in cooperation with other UN entities or countries’ missions to the United Nations.

The leader of the Peace Meditation Group, Sri Chinmoy, members and especially the Choir associated with the group  have often also been invited to participate in other activities that support the highest goals of the UN, including interfaith cooperation

Click on links below for examples of events related to Interfaith Harmony and Shared Values for a peaceful world: These programmes have included:

A few other activities that show additional  public interfaith activities of that Sri Chinmoy had undertaken or supported included:

Some sample photos from events below;

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Inter faith harmony and shared values


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More from Sample quote from 1968 talk to the UN community:

Love, harmony, peace and oneness. These are man’s divine ideals. On the strength of his inner mounting flame, aspiration, man can easily, unerringly and spontaneously manifest these ideals of his in his human life, in every sphere of his life.

It is quite natural and proper that we should discover our God in and through our own religion. When we go deep within we come to realise that there is only one religion, and that religion is man’s inmost cry for God-Realisation.

In the hoary past, Asoka, the great Emperor of India, sent missionaries to the corners of the globe with a profound message: “The basis of all religions is the same, wherever they are. Try to help them all you can, teach them all you can, but do not try to injure them.

Let each religion play the role of a flower. Let us make a garland of these divine flowers and offer them at the Feet of God.

God will be pleased. We shall be fulfilled.

 – Sri Chinmoy,  1968 Nov 26

  Spirituality is not merely tolerance. It is not even acceptance. It is the feeling of universal oneness. … Our spiritual life firmly and securely establishes the basis of unity in diversity. Spirituality is not mere hospitality to others’ faith in God. It is the absolute recognition and acceptance of their faith in God as one’s own.

– Sri Chinmoy, Yoga And The Spiritual Life. The Journey of India’s Soul., Agni Press, 1971. “