Part 3-09C CHECK Interfaith Service for Work of UN and General Assembly 1997 – 2006

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For a number of years there were interfaith Prayer services to honour the work and commitment of the United Nations, the General Assembly and the Secretary-General.

Sri Chinmoy on a number of occasions offered an opening silent meditation at Interfaith such events  held in New York and at the UN since 1975,*


His offering continued at later events as the annual Interfaith Service in New York observing the work of the United Nations, often around the time of the  opening of the UN General Assembly, begun in 1997.*

Below are links a few of  those programme details:
  • Interfaith Service for Work of United Nations 1997 Apr 25

  • Interfaith Celebration, 1998 Sep 16 – Commitment to Work of UN

  • Interfaith Celebration Commitment to Work of UN, 54th GA 16 Sep 1999*

  • Interfaith Prayer Service 2004 Sep 14 – Commitment to UN – 2004

  • Interfaith Prayer Service, 2006 Sep 12 – Honouring 61st UN General Assembly


Sri Chinmoy was a deeply committed supporter of the global interfaith movement and the Peace Meditation (founded by Sri Chinmoy) at the United Nations in the early 1970s sponsored what may be some of the first interfaith programs at the UN. Interfaith prayer services observing the National and World Day of Day of Prayer were held beginning in 1975.

The Peace Meditation has :

  • collaborated with the Center for World Thanksgiving and others for on gratitude focused and related events;
  •  organized interfaith Peace Walks to celebrate UN Anniversaries;, as well as
  • observances of the anniversary of the Meditation “Room of Quiet” that is in the UN Visitors Lobby;
  • a well-attended annual Interfaith Prayer Breakfast, hosted many years by one of the Permanent Missions with that country’s Ambassador presiding.

Sri Chinmoy on a number of occasions offered an opening silent meditation at such events as the fifth Spiritual Summit Conference of The Temple of Understanding, held in New York and at the UN in 1975,

 * Above phrasing of the descriptive paragraphs for this post owe much to Dr. Pedersen’s article listed below,  See:

Pedersen, Kusumita P., Sri Chinmoy’s work at the United Nations: spirituality and the power of silence. 09/01/2010; Cross Currents Publisher: Association for Religion and Intellectual Life ISSN: 0011-1953

*see also:

Interfaith Prayer Breakfast for Opening of 54th U.N. General Assembly 09 Sep 1999