Excerpts from inter faith book “My Religion” by Sri Chinmoy 31 Dec 1999

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Members of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations come from various faith or belief traditions and experience.

The 1999 Book written on the eve of the New Millennium by Sri Chinmoy, who leads the Peace Meditation Group, was well received by members, friends and others.

This posts contains excerpts from inter faith book “My Religion”. Many include poetic appreciation for the inspiring gifts of many approaches.  The presentation below reflect some  major faiths and is not exhaustive.

full book at http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/mr

Numbers on poems refer to order in 1999 publication

100. From all great religions I have learnt something Unique.

  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Jainism
  • Judaism
  • Sufism
  • All Religions
    • Oneness – Peace
    • Love and God
    • Mind and Heart
  • In The 21st Century  ( Avery encouraging and hopeful message….)


108. Buddhism
Has taught me how to be
Inseparably one
With infinite Compassion
Shed sleepless tears
For the suffering humanity.

109. Buddhism says
Mortification is not the right way
To achieve enlightenment.

110 Buddhism says:
“Extremity serves no real purpose;
Follow the middle path.
There is no difference between
Man and man.
Cruelty against animals
Is the height of ignorance-life.
For liberation, forsake all allurements.
Desire-life is synonymous
With bondage-night.”

111 Buddhism
Blesses me with the message
Of the ever-transcending Height
Ever-deepening Depth.


112 Christianity
Has taught me how to acquire
The art of God-surrender
And world-forgiveness.

114. Simplicity, kindness
And forgiveness–These three are
The most powerful branches
Of the life-tree of Christianity.

115. “The Kingdom of Heaven
Is within you”–This supreme discovery of Christianity
Is both birthless and deathless.

116 Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount
Is Eternity’s
Unparalleled source of inspiration
For the aspiring humanity.
Mother Earth cried through his heart.
Father Heaven smiled through his eyes.

117. Humanity is humanity’s admiration-mind
For Jesus of Nazareth.
Humanity is humanity’s worship-heart
For the Son of God.


101. Hinduism
Has taught me the art
Of tolerance, silence, poise and peace.

102 “Know thyself”–This is the very breath
Of Hinduism.

103. Hinduism has told me
There is only one way to enjoy life,
And that is through renunciation.

104. “Lead me from untruth to Truth,
Lead me from darkness to Light,
Lead me from death to Immortality”

–This Hindu prayer has given me
My mind’s illumination-height,
My heart’s satisfaction-depth
My life’s liberation-length.

105. The Vedic seers of Hinduism
Saw the universal beauty of life
And became
The transcendental fragrance
Of its breath.

107. Hinduism says,
“O my brothers and sisters Of the world,
As I feel safe in you,
So do I hope
That you will feel safe in me.”


118. Islam
Has taught me how to acquire
The art of God-reliance
And God-sacrifice
In sleepless eagerness.

119. Islam Is the driving force nonpareil
In propagating
All the world over.
This is the Islamic contribution
To mankind.

120. The supreme message of Islam
“There is no God but Allah.”

121. Islam’s great prayer:
“All praise be to God,
The Lord of all the worlds,
The Merciful, the Compassionate,
The Master of the Day of Judgement.
It is He who is wise,
He who is powerful.
Guide Thou us
On the Path of Righteousness,
The Path of those who rejoice in Thee,
Not on that of those who ignore Thee
And work injustice.”


126. Jainism
Has taught me how to acquire
The art of breathless self-discipline
In the purest sense of the term
Concern not only for human beings
But for each and every being,
Even at the lowest status
Of the soul’s evolution.

127. Jainism tells me,
“No asceticism, no salvation!
Intense self-discipline
Is of paramount importance.
Not earthly gratification,
But Heavenly satisfaction!”


122 Judaism
Has taught me
That the art of constant
Earthly prosperity
Are veritable Blessings from God.

123. “Thou shalt love thy neighbour
As thyself”–Conscious, constant and sleepless
Judaism offers to mankind.

125. Love of God, service to God
And manifestation of God
Judaism was, is and forever shall be
In an unprecedented way.


128. Sufism
Has taught me
That the outer dance
Enraptures the Sufi seekers
The inner dance unifies,
Reveals and manifests
The Divinity of the lover
And the Beloved all at once.

129. Islam is the flower-beauty
Sufism is the fruit-sweetness thereof.

130. The message of Sufism is
Love, love, love.
Everything has love
And everyone is love.
Sufism embodies love unfathomable,
Ecstasy immeasurable.
Nectar-delight Sufism spreads all-where.

131. Sufism plies its boat
Between sweetness-shore

All Religions

132. My ever-blossoming gratitude-heart
I offer
To each and every religion,
While remaining a soulful singer
Of the synthesis of all religions.

12 My religion Deeply and equally values
All the religions of the world,
For it knows that each religion
Is a beautiful, powerful
And fruitful branch
Of God’s Life-Tree.

99. My religion
Lovingly and cheerfully
Bows to all the other religions,
For each religion
Is a direct God-representative
Here on earth.

57. My religion
Desires all religions,
With no exception,
To rest solely on God’s

52. My religion Is not only in search of excellence
In other religions,
But also has discovered uniqueness
In each and every religion

36. My religion
Tells me that each religion
Is assigned an important role
In God’s Cosmic Drama.

80. My religion
And all other religions
Must pay tremendous attention
To serve society for its improvement.

67. The belief of my religion
In all religions Is
A crystal-clear mountain-reality.

Oneness  – Peace

81. My religion
And all the religions of the world
Have to sow the peace-seed
For a reality-tree.

27 My religion Is
My all-out effort
To see goodness
In each human being.

28. My religion Is
My heart-dream
To spread delight
In the world-arena.

54. My religion Is
To sound the depth
Of my world-oneness-heart.

55. My religion Is
A most powerful symphony
Of universal brotherhood.

14 My religion Is
The beauty and fragrance
Of my world-union-heart.

51. The peak performance
Of my religion
Shall be the establishment
Of world-harmony,
Both in thoughts and deeds.

31 My religion Is
The peace-popularity
On the rise in the world.

70. My religion Has discovered God’s Footsteps
Not in the vastness of the blue sky,
But in the world-oneness
Of my snow-white heart.

– Love and God

1. My religion Is My God-love

5. My religion Does not beg God
To change God’s Mind.

6. My religion Prays to God
To give my religion
A new prayer:
To please God in God’s own Way.

7. My religion Is complete
Only when my love, devotion
And surrender
Are fully blossomed.

8. My religion Lives
In the growing, glowing
And climbing
Eternal Now.

32 My religion Is
My God-prayer and God-service
For the betterment
And enlightenment
Of the world.

44. My religion Is
My life’s streaming tears
And beaming smiles
For the betterment of humanity.

60. My religion Tells me that
No human being can ever be
An ultimate failure-manifestation.

46. My religion Expects each human being
To play the role of
A peace-dreamer And

64. The name of my religion Is
Neither supremacy-peak
Nor argument-volcano.

76. My religion Has taught me
That God’s Eye is all-loving
God’s Heart is all-giving
That He does not have
A furrowed brow of disapproval.

  98. My religion Equally values
The transcendental God-realisation
The universal God-manifestation.

Mind – Heart

23 My religion Is
My world-division-mind-conquest.

33 The silence-heart
Of my religion
Has answered all my mind’s
Age-old questions.

29. My religion Is
My happiness-heart
Discovered in the Eye
Of God the creation.

14. My religion Loves
God’s Justice-Eye.
My religion Loves
God’s Forgiveness-Heart
Infinitely more.

18 My religion Is
My God-whisper-dedication
To the heart-temple
Of humanity.

74 The heart-eye of my religion
Every day
Sees a brighter divinity
On the horizon.

60. My religion
Tells me that
If I always live in the heart,
I shall never find
God’s telephone line busy.

36. My religion Adores
The rainbow-beauty
Of the world-heart.

43. My religion Is
My heart’s self-giving.

50. My religion Is
To sow the seed of love
Deep in each human heart.

62. My religion Tells me that
If I feed only my mind
And not my heart,
Then my life will be compelled
To limp.

71. My religion Has taught me something
Extremely significant:
When the mind’s obduracy goes,
The heart’s ecstasy blossoms.

In The 21st Century

134. To my great joy and relief,
In the 21st Century,
The Mother Goddess of Peace
Will visit each and every earth-family
To whisper and inspire
The supreme necessity
Of a oneness-world-family.
Her persuasion of her children
Will be founded upon
Her all-disarming Smiles.
Will cover the entire
Length and breadth of the world.
Tomorrow’s humanity
Tomorrow’s Divinity
Will not only have infinitely more faith
In each other,
But also work together
For humanity to arrive at the Heart-Door
Of the Absolute Supreme
For Divinity to ring its Victory-Bell
In the readiness, willingness
Of humanity.