NELSON MANDELA 1918-2013 remembrance Dec 06-07

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Members of the Peace Meditation Group at the United Nations participated in remembrance of Nelson Mandela in December 2013.


“President Mandela’s heart is like a huge, spreading tree protecting all his brothers and sisters.
President Mandela’s heart embraces each and every human life.”

Selected Tributes by Sri Chinmoy

President Mandela and Sri Chinmoy at the headquarters of the African National Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 29 January 1996.


2013-12-dec-06-n-mandela-trib-by-ckg_Page_12013-12-dec-06-n-mandela-trib-by-ckg-ocr_Page_4 CKG 1b Writings by Sri Chinmoy on President Mandela_P1-crp CKG 1b Writings by Sri Chinmoy on President Mandela_P2-crp

CKG 1b Writings by Sri Chinmoy on President Mandela_P3-crp

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