oneness dream – timeless reality- draft FROM ancient chant to 2020 and beyond

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Oneness the dream and goal –  From time immemorial

Anor aniyan, mahato mahiyan  Atmasya jantor nihito guhayam
Smaller than the smallest, Larger than the largest, The soul breathes in the secret heart of man



Anor Aniyan Mahato Mahiyan 
Atmasya jantor nihito guhayam


Smaller than the smallest
Larger than the largest
The soul breathes in 
The secret heart of man.

Song in:
“Mine after all may be a utopian
dream. But being innocent,
I thought I might indulge in it
until I go to the land of dreams and
sleep there with all the dreamers
of past and future times.”
-Thomas Jefferson – Light and Liberty (check exact quote)


  • Supreme had a dream, the Usa,
  • the league of nations
  • the United Nations –Heart home of the world body
  • Oneness –Home., Oneness –world
    May not be in this form – but at present the closest

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from Programme of  12 Sep 1975 30th Anniversary of UN General Assembly

In 1939, the hope for the League of Nations was smashed by yet another world war.
      In 1945 , the emergence of the United Nations provided the world with a means of international development.
‘      The League of Nations did not fail because of its principles and conceptions. It failed because these principles were deserted by those States which had brought it into being . .. This disaster must not be repeated. – Winston Churchill, 1946

It is with this responsibility in mind that now, with the opening of the 30th Session of the United Nations General Assembly , we meet to reaffirm those aims and goals of the United Nations – those principles by which we can guide ourselves to “The Quintessence of Divinity in Humanity: International Cooperation for Peace. “

“I feel the United Nations is not a mere
building, it is not an ordinary building,
but it is a heavenly building where
truth, light, peace and bliss can be found,
a place that will be flooded with light, peace
and bliss. It is a torch bearer of ultimate truth
– and the ultimate truth is
the universal peace”
– Sri Chinmoy, July 30th, 1974 9check reference on CD notes -Dhanu
Amar guru, sabar guru, only Supreme
Amra sabai Supremer Infinity’s dream.

The Supreme is the
only guru of mine
and everybody.
We all are the dreams of His Infinity.



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