Dr. Hepburn visit Cambodia 18 to 31 Jan 2018

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See also the pdf highlights of Dr. Hepburn’s visit to Cambodia from 18 to 31 January 2018


Dr. Davidson Hepburn was the President of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 35th Governing Council (2009 -2011). During that time he encouraged many to visit World Heritage sites around world.

He explained why in messages he sent to the Sri Chinmoy Oneness- Home World Harmony and Peace Runs which he has experienced in his native Bahamas, Kazakhstan, Malta and other locations

“I was delighted to see the Run visit a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites… drawing attention to the efforts of the international community to protect so many cultures around the world.

Initiatives such as the …Run contribute significantly to the realisation of one of UNESCO’s principal mandates: mutual understanding and our shared determination to build and strengthen a culture of peace and harmony”

See the full video message from UNESCO with sub titles in 25 languages for the 25th anniversary of the runs at http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/25.html

Dr. Hepburn showed his continued commitment in 2018 as he personally visited the Angkor World Heritage sites in Siem Reap Cambodia with many members of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home international torch relay teams from around the world.

Also part of the tour were many longtime friends from the Peace Meditation at the UN from when Davidson Hepburn was Ambassador and Permanent Representative of his country during the 1970s and 80s at the UN in NY.
It was where he first became friends with Sri Chinmoy.

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also gave a message for start of European 2018 Peace run in Bulgaria

 link to video here https://www.peacerun.org/bg/news/2018/0221/2622/

and at YouTube https://youtu.be/tJKmLLMY2Eg

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Excerpt of longer report above appeared in  inspiration sun April 2018 report:

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