PEACE LIFTS – James Grant, EXD UNICEF, World with a Oneness Heart SUMMARY – 1988 sep 20

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“Now that peace is breaking out everywhere, we have to help push it up,” said James Grant, Executive Director of UNICEF, before he was physically lifted on a special apparatus by Sri Chinmoy, leader of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations. The 20 September lifts of Mr. Grant and other members of the UN community came at the end of an early morning seven mile peace walk (see Peace Walk) which celebrated the opening of the General Assembly.

The one-arm lift is part of a series of programmes entitled “Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart” which honours individuals from various fields of endeavour.



Peace Lifts [Continued from previous page.]

Under Mr. Grant’s stewardship, practical approaches towards peace including the ”Days of Tranquility” in El Salvador, when adversaries ceased hostilities so that children throughout the country could be inoculated against common diseases. Similar days have also taken place in Beirut and Afghanistan.




Report also in “Oneness -Arrival-Shore” of  28 Sep 1988

Sri Chinmoy also had the honour of lifting


  • Lester B. Korn, Ambassador of the United States;


  • 1988-09-sep-20-lift-world-unicef-plaza_Page_3
  • Jaap Ramaker, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Netherlands;






  • Zhou Zbongxing, First Secretary of China;



  • Nana Apeadu, Chairperson of the Pan African Human Rights Committee;



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  • and 16 others from various offices

  • in the United Nations Community

  • as the GA’s 43rd session began.


Victor Soler-Sala of UNICEF with Sri Chinmoy

What a way to start the day!

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After James Grant’s passing the plaza adjacent to UNICEF house was renamed in his honour.

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