India -Nepal Publication for Yoga Day, June 2018

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On the occasion of the 4th International Day of Yoga,

A souvenir book was presented with articles on Yoga which began with a composite of Sri Chinmoy’s comments on Yoga and the Spiritual Life.

It begins with quote:

Yoga guides life for the experience of existence. You may call this a theoretical experience.

Yoga guides life towards the fulfilment of existence. This you must call a practical experience.

Sri Chinmoy, Meditations: food for the soul  , June 21, Agni Press, 1970

The article included inspired thoughts on Meditation, Yoga is Conscious Oneness, 3 principal Yoga Paths and Love, Devotion Surrender: through Aspiration and Dedication.

You can see a similar article at this site with historical date references between paragraphs here:   yoga-and-the-spiritual-life-composite-1970-1997/:

Or you can download a PDF of 14 excerpted pages of the Publication  which includes messages from the Prime Ministers of India and Nepal.   2018-06-21-UN Int’l Day of Yoga_India-Nepal-book-14pp-excerpt

A message from the India Ambassador to Kathmandu Nepal, (M.S. Puri) commends the  Madan Mohan Malviya Mission who brought out this 2017 souvenir book. He explains that it marks “the benefits of this special vedic science. (a)...compilation of articles from various yoga experts, renowned scholars and intellectuals from both India and Nepal.”.

Sri Chinmoy’s section ends with quote:

“Yoga is the spiritual science that teaches us how the Ultimate Reality can be realized in life itself.”

-excerpt from “What is Yoga”

in Yoga and the spiritual life. The journey of India’s Soul.

by Sri Chinmoy.-  Agni Press 1971