Monsignor Thomas Hartman’s Life Celebrated 2016

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Monsignor Thomas Hartman and the Leader of the Peace Meditation Group at the United Nations had many meetings. They were always encouraging of each others work

The members of the Peace Meditation joined with many of Sri Chinmoy’s students from around the world celebrate the life of Monsignor  Thomas Hartman know to many over the years  simply as “Father Tom”.

Below are links to different programmes, other activities, book Dedications or comments where “Father Tom” , Sri Chinmoy and members of the Peace Meditation group participated:


An organization committed to empowering young people around the world to be peacemakers

Msgr. Tom Hartman, Director of Radio and TV for the Diocese of Rockville Center, helped organize the first annual Youth Peace Summit in 1988. Host of numerous TV  and radio shows, he sees Telecare (Long Island Catholic Cable TV) developing global thinking and building bridges to different cultures. Tuesday, 16 May • 1:00 p.m.  Dag Hammarskjold Auditoriuma the UN in New York.

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{possibly Surabhi Splain has transcript or access to pictures form this programe)

Father Tom had first come to an earlier programme in Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium. sponsored by the Peace Meditation Groupin, Possibly in honor of J.F, Kennedy. check S.Splain  President John F. Kennedy Remembered, 21 Nov 1983



Book Dedication by  Sri Chinmoy, Children: God’s Dream-Blossoms

My heart’s prayerful dedication to my two Fathers: Father Luis Dolan and Father Tom Hartman.  Sri Chinmoy, Children: God’s Dream-Blossoms, Agni Press, 1997


Editor’s note

On 30 October 1988 Sri Chinmoy lifted up religious leaders at Aspiration-Ground. Just before lifting his dear friend Father Tom Hartman, Sri Chinmoy offered the following remarks.

Sri Chinmoy, The inner meaning of sport, Agni Press, 2007


Father, with you I am going to complete 640 individuals who have inspired and uplifted the consciousness of mankind, and I am so happy, so grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to be of dedicated service to you.

My immediate goal is to lift 700 individuals who have inspired mankind in all kinds of ways, in all walks of life. But my ultimate goal is to love God the Creator and serve God the Creation, sleeplessly and unconditionally, until I breathe my last. This is my ultimate goal.

(After the programme, Sri Chinmoy reflected:)

Tonight I will be lifting up 26 doctors and nurses. Body, vital, mind, heart and soul — everything — should go together. We are now in the spiritual world. And in three hours’ time I will deal with the medical world.

The spiritual world and the medical world go together so we can become better instruments of our Lord Supreme in body and spirit. The medical world helps us conquer death in its own way, and then through our prayers and meditations we try to conquer death in our own way.

Sri Chinmoy, The inner meaning of sport, Agni Press, 2007


Part V — Appendix,  by Monsignor Thomas J. Hartman
Foreword to the first edition: Sri Chinmoy, World-destruction: never, impossible! part 1, Agni Press, 1994

In a world where few feel totally at ease, Sri Chinmoy offers a plan for world and soul survival.

Sri Chinmoy’s deep love for God is known world-wide. Long revered as a spiritual force for peace at the United Nations, this humble, God-directed author asks the people of this planet to look within, to rediscover the essential truths of spirituality that have so blessed his own extraordinary life.

This book lends itself to a wide audience. Christians, Jews, Muslims and other believers will find many passages of deep insight and helpful suggestion.

Sri Chinmoy suggests that the spiritual life’s goal is self-transcendence. While man reaches up to God, God in turn reaches down to man. The connection occurs and deepens as each person aspires to open himself to the Light of God, the Will of God and a higher state of consciousness.

Sri Chinmoy believes in reincarnation. He articulates the notion that the soul progresses to a higher state in each incarnation. He roots his teachings in prayer and encourages his readers to adopt a “cheerful acceptance of the world with a view to transforming the fate and face of the world.” He beckons Westerners to avoid trying “to possess the world” while encouraging Easterners to see that “austerity isn’t the answer.”

He is a champion of peace, attracting believers from all religions to see the oneness of the world. He suggests that true religions are recognised by their forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, oneness and brotherhood.

For those trying to find their way, he proposes a form of prayer that includes: concentration, the focusing of all attention on a small object to become more aware; meditation, reflection on and identification with the vaster universe and the larger issues; and contemplation, an awareness of God so complete that one feels the oneness and love that comes from God and lives in each person and in all of creation.

Sri Chinmoy doesn’t shrink from the exigencies of everyday life. While he does promote soul growth and inner peace, he follows a long tradition of religious teachers who implore truth-seekers to exhibit and live a life of ‘dynamism’ that is transformative of this world.

The name Chinmoy, meaning ‘full of divine consciousness’, bespeaks the mission of this deep soul. He lives to be an unconditional instrument of God. He trusts God. There is a sympathetic oneness with God and people throughout his reflections. He becomes sad when he thinks of how people have used religion to separate themselves from one another.

Sri Chinmoy believes that God will save our world. The Light of God is stronger than the force of evil. While he has deep confidence in God, his tranquil reflections portray an urgency which calls out to mankind: “Wake up! Grow deeper! Love in such a way that ‘God’s Will be done’.”

I found the book to be personally helpful. In an age when stress is real and it is hard to find the proper amount of time to pray, Sri Chinmoy reminded me that placing God at the centre of my life, my work and my prayers will help me make this a better, more peaceful world and become the person of faith and love that I am called to be.

Monsignor Thomas J. Hartman
Director of Radio and Television
Diocese of Rockville Center, New York

Sri Chinmoy, World-destruction: never, impossible! part 1, Agni Press, 1994


tribute from Father Tom on Sri Chinmoy’s passing:

Monsignor Thomas Hartman, Former director of television and radio for the Diocese of Rockwille Center

Monsignor Thomas  Hartman,  Former director of television and radio for the Diocese of Rockville Center:
“Sri Chinmoy and I spoke the same language and we  did not need any words. I hope now to continue our
conversation—only on a much deeper level. We loved each other very much. We love each other very


Fifty Peace Concerts for UN 50th, Aspiration-Flames, Dedication-Plants Comments 1995 Dec




Oneness-Blessings from the Christian World – 1987 Jun 30

The leader of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations , Sri Chinmoy, has been involved with many events supportive of  Peace and world harmony, including interfaith initiatives.. He has received encouragement from representatives of many faiths for his leadership and ongoing activities. Below are some of the words offered by members of Christian religious communities

 Msgr. Thomas Hartman, Director Radio and Television, Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, Nov 21, 1983.

pi 9-11

 1987-06-jun-30-blessings-christian-world-quotes_Page_091987-06-jun-30-blessings-christian-world-quotes_Page_101987-06-jun-30-blessings-christian-world-quotes_Page_11Sri Chimoy appeared on Fr Tom’s (Monsignor Thomas Hartman) TV Programme a number of times:

  • Sri Chinmoy appeared on the cable TV programs ‘Father Tom and Religious Leaders’ on Telecare,
    based in Rockville Centre, on Feb.27; 1997. Reported in Annahata Nada November 1996-March 1997
  • Sri Chinmoy was interviewed about his relationship with Mother Teresa on ‘…Telecare Cable
    Television with Father Tom …on Sept. 15, 1997. Reported in Annahata Nada Mid-August-November 1997