Sing Happiness 2013: Selection of songs and writings by Sri Chinmoy in Honour of International Day

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Nothing delights our soul

More than soulful singing.

– Sri Chinmoy

Song 1:

If there is peace-beauty,

Then there is

Happiness-fragrance .

 – Words and Music By Sri Chinmoy, January 18, 2006, From Enthusiasm Songbook Part 10, by Sri Chinmoy

Where Is my happiness?

It is inside my peace

And nowhere else.

– Sri Chinmoy, (Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 65, #6,439)

Song 2 & 3:

Serve the crying earth,

You will be happy .

(two versions)

– Words and Music By Sri Chinmoy, July 29, 2000

From Enthusiasm Songbook Part 3, by Sri Chinmoy, Not yet published

 To be happy. .
Do not try to understand
The world,
But try to be useful
To the world.

– Sri Chinmoy, (Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees,Part 22, #21,339)

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