Harmony and Peace Art Exhibit with Desmund Tutu – Delegates Entrance UN GA Building 2012 Oct 14

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Scheduled for between 15 and 26 October 2012 at the United Nations, there was an exhibition of Paintings for World-Harmony and World Peace by artist Sri Chinmoy dedicated to a Culture of Peace, as expressed through the arts. (More on official opening on 15 October>)  See also:


As part of the exhibition, there was a display illustrating the Peace and World Harmony Runs that have taken place in many countries around the world since 1987. A torch which is carried from hand to hand was part of the exhibit.


Exhibit Preview:

Sunday the 14th of October, the Exhibit was in the final stages of preparation for the offical opening the following evening. Archbishop Desmund Tutu of South Africa was visiting NY and his schedule allowed him to come by for a preview of the exhibit and be with some friends from the UN community.

The Archbishop had a long and warm relationship with the Artist Sri Chinmoy, as the quote below illustrates:

  • “We are each a pool of love, compassion and serenity. Let the ripples from this pool reach to the end of the world. This is what my dear friend Sri Chinmoy did, throughout his life, for all of God’s children. God is smiling to know the immense good he has accomplished while working tirelessly to unite us as children of one Father.”   – Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town Chair, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Nobel Peace Laureate (1984) –  (From the Exhibit notes)



Ranjana Ghose of the Jharna Kala Art Foundation walks with Archbishop Tutu  through the exhibit.



Ranjana gives a brief preview of some of her remarks for the opening the following evening and introduces the Friend of Paintings of World Harmony award. A token of  friendship, it is a painting by Sri Chinmoy titled “Unity.”, etched in glass. It uses Sri Chinmoy’s drawing of a “soul-bird”, which some came to see as his own personal signature in life.

Paintings for World Harmony by Sri Chinmoy

Ambassador Davidson Hepburn above (right) with Archbishop Tutu holding the award.

Dr. Hepburn, a main speaker at the exhibit opening on 15th October, was one of the first recipients of the Award in April in 2012 >More. He has served as President (2009 – 2011) of the General Conference of UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Permanent Representative of the Bahamas to the UN for a decade. He began attending programmes of the Peace Meditation Group at the UN in the 1970’s.2012-oct-14-d-tutu-d-hepburn-un-i-vDJv4Dp-X3-sing

Some the Peace Meditation Group at the UN Choir who were present perform a song the Sri Chinmoy had composed in the Archbishop’s honour.





Words by Mentor of Archbishop Desmond Tutu; Music by Sri Chinmoy December 20, 1995

Paintings for World Harmony by Sri Chinmoy

Archbishop Tutu shares some impromptu remarks about the exhibit,


His friendship with Sri Chinmoy

Paintings for World Harmony by Sri Chinmoy

And the importance of continuing the work for peace.2012-oct-14-d-tutu-d-hepburn-un-i-snip-07-best

In many different arenas etc.


 Ms. Nilima Silver of the Peace Meditation Group at the UN shares with Archbishop Tutu a copy of the commemorative booklet prepared at the time of the Programme at the UN: “A Celebration of the Life of Sri Chinmoy 1931 – 2007”)



The Archbishop’s contribution was part of the publication.

Jharna Kala Paintings

A cake is presented in honour of Father Tutu’s birthday which is near to the date.


Mr. D. Torphy (left) , who was a main organizer of the “Moments Peace” programme during the recent Olymic’s in London shares a light moment with the Archbishop.


Special message from Archbishop Desmond Tutu for A MOMENT’S PEACE

Desmond Tutu had sent a personal video message (link above) that had been shown at the gathering in London and his Daughter (The Reverend Mpho A Tutu, ) spoke. (More)


The archbishop bid farewell.


To Dr. Hepburn and some of the others present and expressed his appreciation for all those supporting the exhibit and other activities for peace and harmony.


See >More from the official opening the following evening


Peace Meditation at the UN and World Harmony Run founder Sri Chinmoy meeting Archbishop Tutu on an earlier occasion.sri-chinmoy-and-arch-tutu-mar-16th-2004-sm

Sri Chinmoy presenting the Archbishop, Father Desmond Tutu, with the “Lifting up the World” award in 2004.

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