Meet President of 66th UN General Assembly: Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, Qatar 7 Sep 2012

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 Meeting with the President of the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, Qatar 5:00 pm, 7 September 2012, Office of the PGA

 Introduction / Presentation by Adhiratha Keefe for Sri Chinmoy: the Peace Meditation at the United Nations:

Mr. President: Hello

A.Keefe: Hello I am Adhiratha Keefe;

Ambassador Chowdhury: You know Mr. President, Adhiratha is an English Channel Swimmer. He crossed the English Channel.

A.Keefe: It was a while ago. For the Fortieth Anniversary of the U.N. In 1985.

Ambassador Chowdhury: 26 Years ago.

Mr. President: Motions to the singers to sit.Please

A.Keefe: They are going to sing in a minute.

Mr. President: Shall I stand.

Singers respond: N0, with laughter

A.Keefe:kMr. President, we are very happy & grateful that you have graciously allowed us  in your extremely busy schedule

Mr President: Oh, it is my pleasure.

A. Keefe : and that you graciously allow us to make our humble presentation to you;to make our humble presentation to you .

Mr President: Please (continue…)

A. Keefe: We are all members of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations, which was founded in 1970 by Sri Chinmoy  on the invitation of then Secretary-General U Thant.And it has continued for these many years.

Some of us currently serve here as part of the UN family, and others, like myself, have retired from our official posts, but not from our dedication and  commitment to the United Nations.

Mr. President: That is great.

A. Keefe: We are inspired by your efforts and especially the focus of this past year, which recall our own dream for world peace and global oneness.

We have especially noted your comprehensive and practical approach in the four priorities you identified:

1. The peaceful settlement of disputes through mediation and other means.

2. UN reform and revitalization, to strengthen the United Nations to better serve the international community.

3. Improving disaster prevention and response, encouraging a more coordinated and holistic approach.

4. Sustainable development and global prosperity, notably  to help protect the global climate for all of us..

  Lastly, we want to mention the upcoming “first-ever General Assembly High-Level Forum to advance the “Culture of Peace.”

Your efforts to highlight this initiative and give it importance are crucial. We trust many will welcome your inspiration to create additional approaches toward a more peaceful and harmonious “oneness-world”.

Our Peace Meditation Choir would now like to sing one special song for you by Sri Chinmoy, called “President of the General Assembly.”

[AK hands him the song presentation; singers sing]

* * * *

3). Presentation of CD

The song you have just heard is on this CD,  Along with 12 other songs  by Sri Chinmoy  that are dedicated to the United Nations and to world peace.

 These songs have inspired delegations, staff, NGO representatives and other members of the international community over the past four decades.

As a tribute to your work during the 66th UN General Assembly Session, may we present you with this CD of songs recorded by our choir.

[AK hands him the CD]

* * * *

4). Presentation of “The Jewels of Happiness” book

 We also congratulate you for your personal initiative on the UN’s proclamation of the International Day of Happiness (link )  to be observed each year on the 20th of March. We joyfully offer you this book written by Sri Chinmoy called “The Jewels of Happiness”. [AK hands him the book]

   * * * *

5). Presentation of the birthday cake (PGA’s birthday is on 15th Sept.)

We have one last surprise for you. We understand your birthday is coming up on the 15th of September. May we have the cake please?

[singers sing ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’]

The President invited many from the Office of  PGA to join.

[***AK and others offer the rest of the CD’s to PGA for wife, friends and colleagues



And proceeded to personally invite everyone to have some of the cake..

Then the President answered some questions and spoke about some of the inspiring things that had been accomplished

(text form video to be added)

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