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Community Resources: for people new to the community:

A. Highlight and Photos or Announcements of  Events

including : Music, Art exhibit, Poetry reading, Athletics – World Harmony Run

B.  Community Publications

including : Samples of Secretariat News, UNICEF News etc.

C. “Aspiration-Tree” – activities , associations or activities

including: descriptions and links to a selection for the UN community.  .

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A. Highlights, Photos or Announcements Sample Events in UN Community

  • Music

    • Bajans – co-sponsored by Permanent Mission of
  • Art Exhibit –

    • Jharna Kala Art Exhibit for Decade for Culture of Peace
  • Poetry Reading

    • Multilingual Guinness Record -146 world Languages

    A Guinness World Record set on 26 August 2010 in New York.

    • “Be Like a Child” Poem by Sri Chinmoy, World Harmony Run founder, Recited in 146 Languages, From Bengali and Maori to Newari and Zulu
    • Queens –  Sri Chinmoy Poetry Festival (August 25-27) 2010.

  • World Harmony Run

  • Earth Day, Environment and Year of Forests  celebrated in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza  across from UN (2011 April 20)

We shared the message of the Run and sang the World Harmony Run song.


Many young friends from the local Vanderbilt Y and everyone else came up for a chance to hold the torch and make a wish for world peace.

These were some of the performers who kept us all smiling

and gave more meaning and voice to the fact that this year (through August 2011)  is also the International Year of Youth, also displayed on the banner.

(more details for day)

  • New York Final Ceremony for 10,000 mile USA run at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza  (2010 aug 23 more)

This morning saw the US Team finish their 10,000 mile four month 50 state relay at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in Manhattan, New York.

US Team Captain, Atulya Lee Berube, lit the cauldron before observing 30 seconds of silence in recognition of a tradition set by the founder, Sri Chinmoy.

Executive Director, Salil Wilson from Australia, welcomed the guests from the diplomatic and United Nations community.

The audience enjoys the festive mood.

(more for day including excerpts from diplomatic community representatives and others remarks)

  • The NY City Parks Department welcomed the World Harmony Run in a big way at Flushing Meadows Corona Park (more on 2010 Aug 19)

World Harmony Runners and Unisphere

Where 1200 summer campers came together to greet the runners and take part in an international festival.

For the past several weeks, there has been much cooperation with many NYC City park Summer Camps where the representatives of the Harmnoy Run visited.


We formally launched our World Harmony Run at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, a block away from the United Nations  in New York City. This was the beginning of the 13th global torch relay since it was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1987.

World Harmony Run coordinators from all over the world carried their torches into the ceremony.

Our guests from the United Nations and International Community.

B. Samples of community publications:

“Secretariat News”, “UNICEF News”, UN Staff Report etc.: may also using samples

Click on link to full text; Recent Issues and Sample of Issue Archives Below are images of the front pages of recent issues. Click each thumbnail to see the full size picture, then use your Web browser’s back button to return to this page. Web site
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Earth Times
A Moments Peace  





Could also have good effect of learning early about our site :

C. Aspiration-Tree – activities, associations or activities for the UN community.

Selection of descriptions and links to a

Watering the roots of the shared aspiration-tree.

The AT does not want to duplicate efforts. Instead it will attempt to point to related  links.See Further note at end of page:

Planed links of interest to members of the AT community:

1 .UN Secretariat, Agencies, Programs and Funds
2. UN related and WWW sites listing Useful-links-in-contacting-missions-2007-jul.doc to be edited
3. Housing and Local Governmental sites and services in the Host City
4. Libraries, Educational and Cultural Institutions
5. Distance learning sites and opportunities
6. Weather and Travel advisories
7. .Media sites known for International coverage
8 Samples of AT community
publications: “Secretariat News”, “UNICEF News”, UN Staff Report etc.
9. Related WWW URLS from AK Evaluation of Web Sites as a Class Proj Dec 1999 . would need update
DIS = Distance Education
HEA = Health, Exercise
UN = UN Secretariat, Agencies Prog. and Funds..
HST = History Archives?
LIB = Libraries and Research, Reference Pointers..
INT = Internet, WWW etc.
COM = Community Participation, Governance, current events
DEV = Personal Development, Spirituality etc.      or-H = Oral History (items also included in HST)
10 Archives of International Organizations -Sponsored by UNESCO and Int’l Council of Archives – would need update
11 History Related sites
12 Health and Athletic, Exercise Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
13 Inspiration, Peace World Hrmnoy run
Sri Chinmoy fun runs or other athletic events in area
14 Spaces: Internal and Nearby
15 Random links 

  • Swimming
  • members related Favorite Web sites
  • Library & Records, Archives and Research related
Flower gardens in area?

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