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“A Moments Peace” A collection of inspiring stories or activities periodically updated or consolidated from recent posts here of members experiences.


“A moment’s peace can and shall save the world.” *

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– Kusumita recent article – just link to pointer until the full article is available

– Promoda excerpt  / edited from what submitted to recent publication

– Vjaya Catherine Claxton memorial

–   Excerpts from to a book “A Celebration of the Life of Sri Chinmoy 1931-2007, Leader of Peace Meditations at the United Nations”. It contains the full programme held at the United Nations on 30 October 2007, as well as selected tributes and excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s writings. Also included are accounts of Sri Chinmoy’s meetings and correspondence over the years with the Secretaries-General of the United Nations.

–  Sunil memorial and photos


Archives: Samples of some early print editions of “A Moments Peace”


* The title  “A Moments’s Peace” was inspired by aline in this poem and song composed by of Sri Chinmoy many years ago.:


A moment’s truth

Can and shall make the world beautiful.

     A moment’s peace

          Can and shall save the world.

A moment’s love

Can and shall make the world perfect.

– Sri Chinmoy,358 A Moment’s Love… Europe-Blossoms, Agni Press, 1974.


A moment’s peace
Can and shall save the world.

[Note: This is a single stanza from the song “A Moment’s Truth” that Sri Chinmoy set to a new tune]


Silence Calls Me    [song #19]


Composed by Sri Chinmoy on November 28, 1976

 A Moment’s Truth

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