Part 3-08 Highlights: Meditation Experience, Introduction, Q+A, UN Practical Guidance

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Highlights: Meditation Experience,

  • Introduction, periodic class,  7 min in offices
  • Q+A,*
  • UN Practical Guidance*
  • Quiet places in UN Community e.g. room of quiet etc.

*Most covered in previous Summaries for 50th Anniv take from

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J. Programmes with Meditation related Practice or theme

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  • Dag Hammarskjold or other lecture series or highlights

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F. Room of quiet (in history already covered) so just refer to here as type of space that can be helpful in un community? mid day break

  • History of meditation room,and details of 2 related Programmes includes text and photos of :
    • Commemorating the 20th Anniversary (in “Room of Quiet”  and  in Conference Room Rom 4) 15 Nov 1977
    • Programme at Wainwright House, 1977 August 10 – recalling the History
  • 2 Page Summary of 15 Nov 1977 (below) in jpg format – also available in pdf

Programme in Support of UN Ideals Held in US Capital 13 Nov 1979

WASHINGTON – The Peace Meditation Group at the United Nations participated in a programme Nov. 13 for U.S.A.Senators and Congressmen whose careers have included stints at the U.N.

1979-11-nov-13-usa-delegates-honored-in-wash-peace-meditation-choir-crp2-scaled.jpg – 460 KB

The reception, which was co-hosted by Congressmen Benjamin Rosenthal (D-New York) an Larry Winn, Jr. (R-Kansas), included a short musical recital by Sri Chinmoy and the Peace Meditation Group Choir.

Possibly in this section highlight introduction to programme:

Below is excerpt of the introduction to part of the programme:

1979-11-nov-13-usa-delegates-honored-in-wash0-open-meditation-Sri-Chinmoy-crp-scaled.jpg – 544 KB

1979-11-nov-13-usa-delegates-honored-in-wash-peace-meditation-choir-crp-scaled.jpg – 496 KB

Welcome  to this program  being held in honor of the members of Congress who have served, over the years, on the U.S. delegation to the U.N

The Program is being sponsored by our current delegates to the United Nations, Congressmen Larry Winn and Benjamin Rosenthal, in cooperation with the Meditation Group at the UN·

Before proceeding with our program, I would like to tell you just a little bit about the Peace Meditation Group at the UN–who we are and what we are seek1ng to accomplish.

You may ask yourself:  ” what meditation has to do with the UN, and why the Meditation Group is even involved in an affair like this evenings?”. The answer is quite clear if we think for a moment what meditation really is.

1. Meditation is the process of going deep within ourselves and bringing forward our own highest ideals and resources.

a. Meditation–whether conscious or unconscious–is the source of many things worthwhile that man has ever created or achieved.

b. We may call the dream that gave birth to the UN, or the UN itself , man’s highest “political- meditation.

2. Right from the beginning, meditation has played a key role in the minds of the founders and leaders of the UN

a. Prayer and meditation rule for the UN General Assembly – Invitation by President of GA at opening and before closing of GA Session.

b. Lake Success (original home of the UN) prayer and meditation room (programe celebrated August 1978 at Wainwright House)

c. Dag Hammarskjold redesigned Meditation Room- “Room of quiet” (programme celebrated – Nov 1978 at UN)\

3. Meditation group . formed in 1970, is a continuation of this spiritual undercurrent that has coursed through the UN from its inception.

a. based on belief that lasting world peace requires not only action on the political and socioeconomic level, but also a parallel spiritual effort

4. What Meditation Group does

a. Silent meditation–led by Sri Chinmoy–These moments of silent reflection and regrouping make us aware Of our real purpose at the UN– which can easily be forgotten amid the press of daily affairs. It brings us in touch with the same inner reality that also gave birth to the UN itself years ago.

b. Non-silent meditation–colloquia, symposia, etc . where different missions and delegates from each country can articulate their own vision for a better world. This is also a form of meditation. In fact we feel, anything that inspires us like this programme, —anything that awakens us to a higher purpose can be a real meditative action.

5. It is in this spirit that the Peace Meditation Group at the UN is working. I can refer you to some of our year end “Devoted Reports to the S-G to give very many examples of the programmes undertaken. See our Devoted Report ( Link to reports for 1977 & 1978)

6. Now I would like to invite you to listen to • still a different kind of meditation–through music–Songs Sri Chinmoy has written about the UN–songs that, like silent meditation, awaken us to the highest ideals that the UN represents and which many have tried to bring to the fore. I invite now the Peace Meditation at the UN Choir to come up.


Possibly some mention of all the different places Sri Chinmoy led meditations in various buildings of the U Community

  • 1975  Meditation for UNDP at Alcoa Building 29 Oct + 19 Nov: In response to the request of a number of UN Development Programme (UNDP) P staff whose schedule often made it difficult for them to attend the regular Tuesday and Friday meetings, Sri Chinmoy, Leader of the Meditation Group, held a short meditation, spoke and answered questions on the spiritual life at the Alcoa building on 29 October and 19 November during the lunch hour. Future meditations will follow.
  • Date:  Unicef for a birthday and then visited offices
  • Date:  UN Gift center (posibily photo not used in UN Orgs section – with all sitting in meditation.

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Meditation Meeting in Conference Room 08 Jun 1990

After an ongoing weekly meditation in a Conference Room