Sri Chinmoy, Dreamer of World-Oneness – Summary sheet of some activities

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After his passing in 2007, A short 2 page summary with some photos was produced that showed the wide breath of Sri Chinmoys activites beyond his leadership of the Peace Meditation  at the UN.

Highlights included:

  • Literature and Lectures
  • Music and Concerts
  • Jharna-Kala Artist
  • Service to the United Nations
  • Weightlifter, Runner and Athlete
  • Humanitarian Service
  • World Harmony Run
  • Sri Chinmoy Centres

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Sri Chinmoy tirelessly dedicated his life to the dream of world peace and to the fulfilment of the unlimited
potential of the human spirit. A prolific author, poet, artist and musician, an avid athlete, a respected spiritual leader, a dedicated peace-lover, and a devoted humanitarian, Sri Chinmoy–who passed on in
2007–continues to inspire and encourage countless people around the world through his creative
endeavours, through innovative peace activities, and through the example of his own life.





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