U Thant and Peace meditation (summary)

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Shared Spiritual values, Oneness, Acceptance

see also:  http://www.peacemeditationatun.org/u-thant-and-sri-chinmoy/

U Thant and Sri Chinmoy

U Thant Island

U Thant Peace Award

Partial List of Recipients

Shared Spiritual values, Oneness, Acceptance

U Thant Passing

Programme celebrating Life of U Thant

Issue of “Meditation at the UN ” Nov 1974 dedicated to U Thant

Book dedicated to U Thant:

U Thant: Divinity’s Smile, Humanity’s Cry

Programmes at UN honouring Uthant with R.Mueller etc.


Sri Chinmoy’s Passing

Photo at celebration

Remarks by Aye Aye

Event in Myanmar to mark 103rd birth anniversary

Songs in Honour of U Thant performed by Meditation Group Choir

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songs in gallery: