UN: Infallible World-Oneness-Promise-Sun – 35th Anniv Peace Meditation, 2005 Apr 14

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On the Occasion of the 35th Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations.

United Nations:

The Infallible

A collection of short statements, aphorisms and poems
for reflection and meditation.
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  • A vision for the United Nations

  • To work at the United Nations

  • Pilgrims of the United Nations

  • A real member of the United Nations

  • The ideal Secretary-General

  • Each Nation

  • The inner promise

  • World evolution

  • World union

  • On the danger of nuclear weapons

  • The end of world-poverty

  • The inner strength of the United Nations

  • The soul of the United Nations

  • Politics and spirituality

  • Question: Will the United Nations grow into a world government?

  • How to solve problems?

  • Criticising the United Nations

  • Hope for the future

  • The synthesis of all religions

  • Poems and aphorisms

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  • My Meditation-Service at the United Nations for 25 years” = (/mun) 1995
  •  “A Garland of Nation-Souls” =  (/gns) 1972  or  “complete talks” (/gnc) 1995
  •  “The Tears of Nation-Hearts”  = (/tnh) 1974 
  • “Union-Vision” = (/uv) 1975


A vision for the United Nations

• The United Nations is humanity’s home. The lofty vision of the United Nations is that we all belong to a peace-loving oneness-world-family. This vision will eventually transform the face and fate of the world. * * (/mun-1)..

• The role of the United Nations will not come to an end after the establishment of peace on earth. To have world peace is just the beginning; it is not and cannot be the end of human achievement. The earth also has to grow into a new light and achieve a new harmony and a new fulfilment. ..(/mun-81)….

• The ancient dream of cooperation is not just a human dream that has nothing to do with reality. This ancient dream, to be precise, is not a dream at all but a faultless and divine vision -an unhorizend vision that is slowly, steadily and unerringly shaping our individual and collective destiny as humanity marches towards its supreme goal of universal oneness and transcendental newness… (mun-45)

• First there was the League of Nations. Now we see the United Nations. From the United Nations we shall see a Oneness-World, and inside this Oneness-World we shall see the song of self-transcendence, world-transcendence, universal transcendence. ..(mun-78) ….

To work at the United Nations

• To work at the United Nations is not like working at any other place. To work at the United Nations, to serve the United Nations in any capacity -whether in the highest role or in the lowest role -is a supreme honour. The United Nations is not just a building; the United Nations is humanity’s home. ..(mun-1)….

• Seeker-workers at the United Nations who are conscious of what they are doing and what they are going to become will be the harbingers of a new dawn, no matter in which capaCity they are working. Their seemingly insignifica nt jobs represent un-mistakably significant ways to achieve some-thing abiding for the United Nations. It is not what we do, but how and why we do something that matters. If the answers to those questions are the right ones, then our contributions will, without fail, be unique. (mun-147)

• If we know what we are and what we stand for, then the United Nations can be -come for us the answer to world-suffering, world-disharmony and world-ignorance. * * *(/tnh-21)

• If one sees that the United Nations is doing something wrong, that is no reason to stand violently and shamelessly against the United Nations. One has to love the United Nations more in order to bring to the fore its sincere aspirations, for this alone is what can and will change the face of the entire world. * * *(/mun-41)

• With utmost love and humility, the seeker in me tells the world to talk less and listen more. Listen to whom? To the United Nations. The United Nations has much to offer in every field. It unmistakably has the soul-peace and the heart-dedication to be the first and foremost instrument of human unification. • */tnh-21)

Pilgrims of the United Nations

• The United Nations is a group of pilgrims on a journey. As the pilgrims walk along the path of light toward the same destination, they feel mutual appreciation. From appreciation they go one step ahead to love. From appreciation comes love and from love comes oneness. He who is a true member of the United Nations treasures a shared life in a shared world  (/uv-7)

A real member of the United Nations

• A real member of the United Nations is his country’s powerful choice. A real member of the United Nations is the world’s fruitful voice. • • (/mun-149) + (run-1)•

• A real member of the United Nations is he whose mind-pocket will never be empty of a global understanding and whose heart-pocket will never be empty of a universal concern. • • • (/mun-161)  + (/run-14)

The ideal Secretary-General

• According to my inner aspiration, I wish to say that the ideal Secretary-General is he who has a free access to both the inner realities and the outer realities of life. The inner realities are heart’s cry and heart’s oneness. The outer realities are life’s total and consecrated dedication. His inner vision is love of humanity for humanity’s sake and his outer mission is service to humanity for humanity’s sake. (/mun-42)

Each Nation

• No ntaion is unwanted. Every nation is wanted. Every nation is needed. Every na-tion is indispensable. But each nations is great only if it has deep love for other nations and soulful self-giving to other nations . * (/tnh-13)••

• A nation is a limb of the universal body. Each limb is necessary, essential and indispensable. Each nation represents humanity’s hope, humanity’s promise and humanity’s progress manifested in a unique way . * * (/tnh-14)•

• A nation can be great by virtue of its simplicity A nation can be great by virtue of its sincerity. A nation can be great by virtue of its humanity. A nation can be great by virtue of its senses of duty, both national and inter-national. A nation can be great by virtue of is prosperity, both inner and outer. Finally, a nation can be great by virtue of its generosity, constant and supreme. •••(/tnh-14)

• A great nation is that nation which offers inspiration to other nations. A greater nation is that nation which offers concern for other nations. The greatest nation is that nation which offers its hearts spontaneous love to other nations. (/tnh-14)

• A nation is like a body made up of mil-lions of cells. If one cell achieves something great, it is the achievement of the entire body. If one cell attains a higher consciousness, the consciousness for the entire body is raised. On the other hand, if one cell becomes weak, sick or diseased, then the entire body is weakened. The consciousness of a nation is a collective phenomenon. Each individual can raise or lower the standard of his nation. If one person aspires, the consciousness of his nation is elevated. The achievement of each individual person affects the achievement of the nation as a whole. Likewise, each na-tion is like a branch of the cosmic tree. The attainment of one particular branch is the attainment of the entire tree. (/fw-42),  (/mun-26)

The inner promise

• Each nation has the golden opportunity in the inner world to offer to the outer world a living hope and a living promise. This hope and this promise are not a mental hallucination or a false aggrandisement of ego. They are an inner reality that the nation can easily bring to the fore. In the inner world all the nations are equally important, for in the inner world each nation has a free access to world peace, world light, world harmony and world perfection. But in the outer life the nations that consciously aspire and cry for light are in a position to help the less ad-vanced nations that are walking behind. (/uv-7)

••• World evolution

• The world is constantly evolving to a higher standard of life. It is not moving in a straight line, but rather in a spiral. Therefore, at times this progress is not immediately noticeable. To our human mind it may seem confusing and baffling. But on the strength of our inner oneness with the world situation and world evolution, we can see unmistakably the world’s slow and steady progress. *(/mun-45)

• * World union

• A divided mind and a separated heart cannot quench the inner thirst either of the United Nations or of the world. We must cultivate a new type of reality, a new type of truth. This truth is creative, illumining and fulfilling. This truth must awaken the dormant physical in us, marshal the unruly vital in us, illumine the doubtful and suspicious mind in us and strengthen and immortalise the insecure heart in us. This truth is world union. * ••(/uv-7)

On the danger of nuclear weapons

• It is the operation of the mind that either maintains mankind or destroys mankind. If the Supreme Being wants to operate in humanity’s mind, then the dangerous creations of mankind need not and cannot remain dangerous. For there is something which is infinitely more powerful than these dangerous tools, and this supremely powerful thing is God’s Compassion for His children. When God uses His supreme weapon, Compassion, no human creation -no matter how dangerous – can stand up to it. •••(/mun-21), (/fw-326)

The end of world -poverty

• The golden day is bound to dawn when this world of ours will be totally freed from poverty. But the outer poverty can be transformed only when the inner poverty is removed. Inner poverty is disharmony and restlessness; inner plenitude is peace, harmony and love. For the lover of the United Nations a world union, the watchword must needs always be Peace. Peace is found in self-giving and in our recognition of others’ good and divine qualities. The more we see the divine qualities in others, the sooner we will establish world peace. • * *(/uv-7)

The inner strength of the United Nations

• To me, the real worth of the United Nations lies in the united principles of its members. It is in these united principles that one can see the fruit of true inner oneness and divine perfection. The united principles of this great world-body must needs have co-operation from each and every member. • * • •(/gns-3)

The United Nations sings one song: the song that says it is love-power that will conquer the world. No other power can conquer the world. From this song we realize some-thing more: when love-power conquers, the conquest is not for the expansion of influence, but for the illumination of existence. • * (/tnh-22)•

The soul of the United Nations

• The soul of the United Nations has many, many divine qualities, but the most important quality that it wants to offer to the world is universal oneness. This universal oneness houses both the one and the many. At the United Nations the many have become one and, again, the one has become many. The United Nations is like a tree with countless branches. * ••(/mun-60)

• From the spiritual point of view, the soul-love of the United Nations will always remain resourceful in all problematical situations, untiring in the discharge of its national and international duties, sagacious in its pursuit of inner knowledge and inner wealth, and spontaneous in its willingness to add to the peace, love and joy of searching and ascending humanity; for the soul is the child of both lnfinity’s Dream and Eternity’s Reality. • * •(/tnh-6)

• A day will come when the United Nations will expand its vision and encompass the whole horizon. At that time, it will become another world-soul, another form of world-reality, where God the Creator and God the Creation can easily be found in every action it performs. •••(/mun-61), (/fw-141)

• One day the world will not only treasure and cherish the soul of the United Nations, but also claim the soul of the United Nations as its very own with enormous pride, for this soul is all-loving, all nourishing and all-fulfilling. (/gns-22), (/aum-837)

 • The vision of the soul of the United Nations and of all those who are consciously aspiring for a new oneness-world, a world of unity, will never fail. Slowly, steadily and unerringly, the seeker-servers here will change the present fate and face of the United Nations. •••(/mun-138)

Politics and spirituality

• We have to know that the United Nations has to be both divinely political and truly spiritual. When it is truly spiritual, it will embrace humanity’s entire inner existence. And then it will need an opening to express itself. This opening is politics. The divine politics, which is inside the devoted hearts of the individual nations, can at that time be of great assistance. • * *(/mun-77). (/fw-269)

• The voice of the heart is the voice of oneness. It says “Wherever you are, I am also there. I am inside your heart and you are inside my heart.” This kind of oneness-philosophy brings us an abiding joy that we can never get from the world of separation and conquest. * •(/mun-71) *

• The ultimate role of the United Nations in the spiritual transformation of humanity, according to my inner feeling, will lie in its recognition of the importance, the necessity and the capacity of spirituality. Spirituality carries the message of peace and has the capacity to bring about peace all over the world. * *(/mun-74)

• • Question: Will the United Nations grow into a world government?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on what kind of world government you are speaking of. If it is a government that wants to govern nations with the inner messages that come directly from the heart, if it is a government that wants to govern in an unprecedented, self-giving way, then there is every possibility that some day the Absolute Supreme will give the United Nations the supreme opportunity to govern the world. • (/mun-72)*

• How to solve problems?

• Problems are everywhere. Each country has hundreds of problems. Each individual has hundreds of problems. But problems can be solved, should be solved and must be solved by individuals first, for it is the individual mind or individual capacity that rules each country. If each individual dives deep into his own countless problems, he comes to realise that there is only one problem, and that problem is lack of oneness. (/mun-34)

• If there is oneness, we will never be able to hurt anybody. If I am really one with somebody, then I cannot hurt that person. •• (/mun-58). (/fw-372)*

• When many individuals get together to come to a decision, if right from the beginning they feel that they are one, then once the truth is seen by one member, spontaneously the others will also see it and try to achieve it. If oneness is already felt and established on the inner plane, then on the outer plane all will try to aim at the same goal. When an individual who is simple, sincere and truth-loving offers a good suggestion, if others have any feeling of sympathy, concern and oneness with him, then automatically they will see the value of his suggestions. It makes no difference who sees the truth first; once the truth has been seen, the inner decision is already made. And while others are participating in or becoming one with the decision, they are also expediting it. So if each member can feel that the others are not going to deceive him, if each member can accept every other member as a real friend, it does not matter who is blessed with the message. From one it will spread to two, and eventually all will be traveling together to the same destined goal. (/mun-58), (/fw-372)

• The first step in turning a negative force into a positive force is to remain silent long enough to catch a glimpse either consciously or unconsciously of the divine, illumining and fulfilling light. The second step is to bring this light forward and create positive realities that will accelerate humanity’s progress towards perfection. • ••(/mun-45) . (/fw-334)

• We have to work on the inner level in order to reach the heart of humanity. It is the inner effort to bring about peace inside the heart and mind of each individual that can help humanity in a very tangible form. This inner effort can make those who are unreceptive, receptive, and those who are already receptive, abundantly more receptive. • • * • It is the heart’s affection that will solve our problems, not the mind’s superiority. • ••(/mun-145}

Criticising the United Nations •

The world’s pressures are attacking the United Nations, but the world’s appreciation is rarely seen or heard. The way the United Nations has become a victim to the world’s criticism is most deplorable. The world knows how to criticize, but the world does not know how to become one with the soul of the United Nations and see how hard its  light is trying to come to the fore, to establish peace and light on earth. The United Nations is trying to ameliorate the teeming afflictions that sit so heavily on the worlds shoulders. It is trying hard to cancel the world’s inequalities. • * •(/tnh-22)

• People say the United Nations is imperfect. They say that the United Nations has not fulfilled human needs. I say we have not given full opportunity, not to speak of full authority, to the United Nations to do the needful. • • •(/tnh-22)

• If we want to know what the United Nations is really doing for humanity, each one of us has to ask himself or herself a few questions, for each of us represents humanity. Are we really seeing the bright side of the United Nations? Are we sincerely working for the fulfilment of the vision of the United Nations? Are we wholeheartedly trying to be-come one with the struggles of the United Nations? Are we deeply concerned about the United Nations and its role in the world community? If we can answer all these questions in the affirmative, then the soul of the United Nations is bound to reveal to us what it has already done for mankind, what it is doing for mankind and what it will be doing for mankind.(/tnh-22)

Hope for the future

• Not only do I think, but it is my absolute inner conviction, that the United Nations exercises a real influence in the world. What it brings to the world are the vision of peace, the mission of brotherhood and the promise of total perfection and total satisfaction in the oneness-world-family. • • *(/mun-2), (/fw-305)

• The principal contribution of the United Nations is the hope-sky that it offers to the world at large. This hope-sky is not a product of vital fantasies of weak mental vagaries. This hope-sky is the all-illumining revelation of the soul of the United Nations. • ••(/mun-2), (/fw-305).(/tgs-4)

• World-unity is of paramount importance. If all the countries join together for a positive common goal, the very act of their being together is something laudable. Only this approach will eventually save the world and the planet. • ••(/mun-32)

• In the stream of history and evolution, the United Nations is to be not only the great and ultimate pathfinder of the ultimate truth but also the good and supreme bliss-distributor of humanity’s divinity. (/mun-2), (/fw-305).(/tgs-4)

• Today’s United Nations-divinity flame can be denied or challenged, but tomorrows United Nations-divinity-sun shall give Sight to the blind, legs to the lame and voice to the voiceless. It shall mark the slow, steady and unerring beginning of man’s quenchless satisfaction in God and God’s breathless satisfaction in man. • ••(/mun-9), (/fw-307), (/tgs-6)

The synthesis of all religions

• The goal of religion is to bring God into ones multifarious activities. God has to be felt as a living Reality. • ••(/fw-209), (mun-411)

• A religion has to live the truth and bring to the fore the living breath and reality-light of the truth. • ••(/mun-421), (/fw-220)

• When a religion comes to realise that all religions form a single, eternal religion -an eternal Eye of Truth or an eternal Heart of Truth -then that religion becomes perfect. • ••(/mun-416), (/fw-214)

• Each religion must feel that it is nothing but a branch. If there is a branch, then there has to be a tree; and the tree is love of truth. (/mun-432), (/fw-131)

• Only when all the religions join together will they be able to create something beautiful, soulful and fruitful. •••(/mun-132)

• Each religion has to realise that in order to be complete, perfect and whole, it has to feel its presence in the heart of all the other religions. Likewise, the other religions also have to feel the presence of that particular religion. * ••(/mun-423), (/fw-222)

• When you go deep within, you do not see each religion as something separate. You see only one Reality operating in and through many forms, many ideas, many ideals and many religions. • ••(/mun-432), (/fw-131)

• The people who give life to religion and who breathe the breath of religion must come forward and create a new aspiration in humanity’s heart. • ••(/mun-439), (/fw-144)

• In order to make religion more spiritual, spirituality in its pristine purity must be brought into the heart of religion. • ••(/mun-444), (/fw-149)

• Religion is a code of life that connects each of us with the rest of humanity. (/mun-414), (/fw-212)

• With regard to the present-day political situation, it is not the intention of the Divine to let the forces fight it out so that out of evil good will come. The present-day wars are not Gods intention; they are the product of human weaknesses. * * *(/mun448), (/fw-96)

Poems and aphorisms

• We can truly help the world

If we are consecrated

To a very lofty ideal. * * (/st-38325)•

• Brotherhood and oneness

Shall reign supreme

Before long

Here on earth. * * *(/st-38683)

• Lasting peace must begin

Within the depths of the individual

And from there spread In ever-widening circles

As a dynamic force

For world change. * ••(??)

• Be fully absorbed In the inner world

If you want to create

A new world-harmony,

a new world-fulfilment. (/st-37879)

• Each country’s speciality

Must be appreciated and admired

By the entire humanity. • * •(/st-9825)

• The greatest mistake in life

Is to remain indifferent

To the world-situation. * • *(/st-27373)

• Let us lake the United Nations

as a human being.

Naturally, this human being has a body,

a vital, a mind, a heart, and a soul.

The body of the United Nations is trying

to serve humanity.

The vital of the United Nations is striving

to energize humanity.

The mind of the United Nations is longing

to inspire humanity.

The heart of the United Nations is crying

to love humanity.

Finally, the soul of the United Nations

is flying to embrace humanity. * * *(/tnh-22)





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