Charles McNeil thank you for “Paintings for Peace” 2001 Aug 2001

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United Nations Development Programme

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25 August 2001

Dear Sri Chinmoy:

I write to wish you a very Happy Birthday on August 27,2001.

I also want to thank you for the special “Paintings for Peace” exhibit of your art that is currently showing in, and in fact ‘lighting up,’ the UN lobby. It was such a pleasure — and so uplifting — to view your exhibit. I had the sense that simply being with each piece of art was like undertaking an invaluable session of spiritual teachings. Each virtue and ‘state of mind’ captured in the pieces came to life through your art.

I believe that the sharing of your exhibit with so many of my UN colleagues will have a truly beneficial effect on each of us and on the UN system as a whole. I thank you for caring so much that you would create this wonderful exhibit and share it with the world community in this way.

With respect, admiration, and warmest birthday wishes,


Charles McNeill

Environmentally Sustainable Development Group

United Nations Development Programme

304 East 45th Street

New York, NY 10017




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