Photos from Peace Concert dedicated to Mother Teresa 23 Sep 1997

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Before the programme, Sri Chinmoy offers Ambassador Chowdhury a copy of his book entitled Mother Teresa: Humanity’s Flower-Heart, Divinity’s Fragrance-Soul.

Ambassador Chowdhury reflects on the life and work of Mother Teresa during his opening remarks.

On the stage of the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, where he had first met Mother Teresa in 1975, Sri Chinmoy mourns the supreme loss of this beloved saint.


Sri Chinmoy points to a photograph of the programme held at the United Nations in 1975,

indicating where Mother Teresa was seated during his opening meditation.

Sri Chinmoy accompanies himself on the harmonium while singing music set to an immortal utterance of Sister Nirmala, Mother Teresa’s successor.

Members of the choir of the Peace Meditation group sing three of Sri Chinmoy’s songs that they were fortunate to have performed for Mother Teresa at the Missionaries of Charity House in the Bronx in June 1997.

Ms. Soraya Emami recounts the inspiring and illumining experiences she had while working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta.

Ambassador Chowdhury and his wife, Mariam, introduce Sri Chinmoy to Mrs. Khaleda Shehabudin, wife of His Excellency Mr. K.M. Shehabudin, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the United States.

The official programme for the Spiritual Summit Meeting called by the Temple of Understanding on 24 October 1975 to mark the 30th Anniversary of the United Nations.

also appears in: Sri Chinmoy, Mother Teresa: Humanity’s Flower-Heart, Divinity’s Fragrance-Soul, part 3, Agni Press, 1997