1995 Peace Walk Events, Sample Moscow with Cosmonaut: Sep, to check date

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In connection with Peace walks at UN Headquarters and International Day of Peace, Walks and various other events were held around the world. For example a 2 mile race was held in various locations, finishing times were compared  and the overall men and woman winners were announced.

6,500 RUNNERS  JOIN PEACE RACE -Report in Anahata Nada Aug-mid-Dec 1995
Nearly 6,500 runners from 38 countries competed in the eighth annual Sri Chinmoy Peace Race for the United Nations.
The two-mile race, held in honor of the U.N., took place this fall in 118 different cities.
Overall men’s winner was a Russian athlete from Novosibirsk,with a time of 8:50. A Ukrainian from Uzgorod, running a 10:10, set a new race record for women.

Below are some Photos from Russian events

Peace walk and 2 mile race in the Gorky Park in Moscow with Gennadiy Strekalov, cosmonaut


Kalpa from Moscow to provide details and confirm dates for Russia

Possibly Nayak and Nandita from Seattle can provide more detailed information frrm other locations  

See Report from Anahata Nada

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JPG images from Moscow

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