Part 3-04C Peace Meditation related to UNICEF or staff 1975 to 1994

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Programme Item~ related to Peace Med Assoc and UNICEF, Anniversaries or Staff . . ,

covering almost two decades from Aug 1975 to Sep 1994  ,

List is not exhaustive, depending on  need, it may be advisable to go through the excellent other lists compiled of all the peace med efforts in the UN community and compare to the UNICEF items on that one with this list.

The descriptions on some of the other Lists have been edited. These have not. So the main list is more authoritative. For example 2 things, may wish to add from what others can provide:

  • a number of  courses ‘on meditation were offered to UNICEF staff in UNICEF Offices Building
  • Others organized seven minutes for silence each week for a number of years.

1994-12-dec-31-unicef-with-med-grp-1975-1994-list_P1-crp 1994-12-dec-31-unicef-with-med-grp-1975-1994-list_P2-crp 1994-12-dec-31-unicef-with-med-grp-1975-1994-list_P3-crp 1994-12-dec-31-unicef-with-med-grp-1975-1994-list_P4-crp 1994-12-dec-31-unicef-with-med-grp-1975-1994-list_P5-crp 1994-12-dec-31-unicef-with-med-grp-1975-1994-list_P6-crp 1994-12-dec-31-unicef-with-med-grp-1975-1994-list_Page_1   The chron number .. reference to the list of what is in the binder.  However we may only have a copy in Chron. Some of the color posters give more of a flavor of event.


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