1993 Parliament of Religions in Chicago, USA , August 28 -29

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A number of members of the Peace Meditation group at the United Nations were able to attend the 1993 Parliament of Religions in Chicago.

In the Previous century the 1883 Parliament of Religions in Chicago has been said to mark the beginning of the modern interfaith movement. It is often linked with the name of the spiritual giant Swami Vivekananda who electrified those attending from many faiths..

Vivekananda shared his teacher, Sri Ramakrishna’s belief  that all spiritual paths lead to the same Goal Supreme.

See video from opening medittion http://vimeo.com/63346992

and / or context here: http://www.parliamentofreligions.org/news/index.php/2013/04/interfaith-reborn-sri-chinmoys-opening-meditation-of-the-1993-parliament-video/

Sri Chinmoy opened the first plenary of the centenary Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, on August 28, 1993, with an intensely powerful silent meditation.

He also graced the week-long Parliament, attended by 8,000 people, with an early morning meditation and Peace Concert on August 29.




Symbolizing the ecumenical spirit of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy offered a silent meditation at the opening of the main plenary session Aug. 28.

His message of prayerful silence transcended religious dogma and became a unifying element for the nine-day conference that brought together leaders of every major religion in the world. The conference, held at Chicago’s Palmer House, was the first such interfaith gathering in 100 pears. The Indian spiritual leader came to Chicago in the spirit of his predecessor. Swami Vivekananda, who had also carried the message of universal oneness and brotherhood to the Chicago religious parliament in 1893.

On the first day of the Parliament, Sri Chinmoy led a five-minute silent meditation before several thousand Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and others. The following morning. Aug. 29. he offered a sunrise peace concert at the main meeting hall.

Afterwards, Ananda Guruge. Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the U.S. and President for Sri Lanka of the World Fellowship of Buddhists, came to the podium and presented Sri Chinmoy with a book. He then read out his dedication to the Master: “You are one of the rarest gifts that humankind of the 21st century has. May I wish that your services would continue forever.”


39 peace concerts dedicated to Swami Vivekananda

Sri Chinmoy had great respect and admiration for Vivakananda and Ramakrishna. in 1993 he began a series of 39 peace concerts dedicated to Swami Vivekananda, who electrified the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago 100 years ago with his message of universal brotherhood.

  • The first concert was held May 19 at P.S. 86 in Queens. By the end of July, 26 concerts had been held in Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan.
  • At the concerts, Sri Chinmoy performs his music of peace, and his students sing a few songs their teacher has composed about Vivekananda or to his words. Sometimes there is a short play about the great spiritual emissary as well

 – condensed excerpt from Anahata Nada apr- Jul 1993


-A major performance at Chicago’s Rosemont Horizon on Sept. 28 ended the series of 39 peace concerts Sri Chinmoy had been dedicating to Swami Vivekananda. The 19th century Indian teacher, who died at the age of 39, had electrified the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago 100 years ago with his message of universal brotherhood.

 – condensed excerpt from Anahata Nada Aug – mid Dec 1993

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