Lakhan L. Mehrotra, receives the U Thant Peace Award, 1991 Sep 22

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A special programme was held in New York City, Queens at the Aspiration-Ground Meditation Garden on September 22.

Many members of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations were present.

The occasion was to honour the author and Indian diplomat Lakhan L. Mehrotra, who has served in many countries representing the Government of India.

(also Former Secretary of the Government of India, and

Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to Cambodia and Indonesia)

1991-09-22_p008-00000-08508-00-uthant-peace-awrd-to-amb-Lekhan-Mehrotra-aspire-ground-scaled.jpg – 1 MB

Sri Chinmoy presents the U Thant Peace Award to Ambassador Lakhan Mehrotra, former Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India, and UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Cambodia and Indonesia, at a ceremony on 22 September 1991 held at Aspiration-Ground meditation garden in Queens.

Sri Chinmoy presented Ambassador Mehrotra with the U Thant Peace Award.

Sri Chinmoy’s first met Ambassador Mehrotra, at the Indian Consulate in NY during the mid-60s, when he served under Mr. Mehrotra.

At the ceremony “Goodness is his inner name. Goodness is his outer name. Goodness is his heart. Goodness is his life-breath,” the spiritual leader said.

Mr. Mehrotra’s response: “To come to Sri Chinmoy is to come into a windfall. I come here poor in spirit, poor in mind and poor in body, and I return from here with all the riches in the world.”




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