1991 U Thant Peace Award – Presentation to Ganesh Man Singh

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On 13 March 1991, HE. Mr. Ganesh Man Singh, Nepali Congress Supreme Leader, received the U Thant Peace Award for his:

• Lifetime commitment to democratic government in his country, providing a radiant example to other nations;

• Constant dedication and sacrifice for a higher cause, with complete disregard for his own needs in the face of great personal danger;

• Devotion to the Nepali Congress, of which he was one of the chief architects; and

• Sterling personal qualities of honesty, simplicity, tenacity and matchless courage, with which he has inspired his countrymen and women to powerful yet peaceful action and unmistakably proved that a lofty goal can be attained despite overwhelming odds.

The award is presented on behalf of Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations by the American Ambassador to Nepal, H.E. Ms. Julia Chang Bloch, as part of the events connected with Peace Run ’91 in Kathmandu.

Article appeared in : Meditation at the United Nations – 1992 Jan – Mar, Periodic Bulletin

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Note: The U Thant Peace Award is a periodic presentation by the Peace Meditation Group to acknowledge and encourage work for peace. The late United Nations Secretary-General U Thant, a life-long practitioner of meditation, encouraged the early efforts of Sri Chinmoy and the Peace Meditation Group to bring forward the spiritual ideals upon which the United Nations was founded. The U Thant Peace Award is given in honour of this contemplative world leader’s exemplary devotion to peace, in both his personal and political life.