Guri Lie Zeckendorf. Daughter of 1st SG speaks of early experiences 1990 Mar 09

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~ Personal reminiscences offered by Gurl Lle Zeckendorf.

Sponsored by United Nations Staff Recreation Council. Cine Video Club,

in co-operation with •

Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations

9 March 1990

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Norway Times Front Page Lead in:

Trygve Lie’s first years at the U.N.

“‘It is a miracle to see all that has happened here, none of this was here when we first arrived.” said Gur! Lie Zeckendorf, the daughter of the first United Nations Secretary-General , Trygve Lie, in a speech she delivered at the UN headquarters recently, telling about her father’s arrival at New York in 1946 when be was elected U.N. Genera I Secretary shortly after the end of World War II. Notway Times brings a summary of the Speech.



On 9 March, in the Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium, the United Nations Staff Recreation Council Cine and Video Club, in co-operation with Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations, sponsored a talk by Trygve Lie’ s daughter, Guri Lie Zeckendorf.

She spoke of her personal reminiscences of her father and the early days of the world organization. Guri was. “home secretary” to her father during the seven  years of his tenure as Secretary-General. She said she was treated like a little princess everywhere.

In March 1946 Trygve Lie and his family arrived in New York. During the search for a permanent site, the organization met in a few offices at Rockefeller Center, then at the Waldorf Astoria and at the Hunter College gymnasium and classrooms. Interesting Pathe newsreels with historic footage of the late Secretary-General were shown.

In Qne film Dag Hammarskjold was seeing Trygve Lie off at the pier when he went back to Norway. Guri stayed behind in New York and, driving to the UN with Hammarskjold, she asked whether she could borrow the car and chauffeur to empty the family safe in Forest Hills. The new Secretary-General said yes, of course.

Among the highlights of Trygve Lie’s UN years was the receipt of a letter from Albert Einstein in 1948, after the adoption of the Declaration of Human rights~ Einstein wrote from Princeton, in German, wishing Trygve Lie luck and success with his great initiative. “You are among the very few who amidst the bewilderment and confusion of our time has succeeded in’ keeping his vision clear, and whose urge to help remains undeterred by obstacles and narrow allegiances. May your concrete proposal succeed in showing us a way out of the present tension.”

                                                                                                                                – Signe A. Rooth

Photo: Guri Lie Zeckendorf and Nemi Fredner, Master of Ceremonies

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