Country Mission Support, Draft partial list highlight 1978 – 1989

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Attached is a Draft doc which highlights support or participation of various country missions between 1978 and 1989 .

would need to be confirmed and bought up to date.  but may give indication of some dates background information to be checked and / or details to be added to site.

Download a PDF.


See the ten questions we answered for each country
notice the legend a bottom of a sample page.
makes it clearer what the codes are on each page that ws filled ouy.
FC: Final Ceremony
OC: Opening Ceremony
*:    Ran
M:    Message
Column headings are pretty self-explanatory:
Peace Run 87;   CKG Lift;   Room Sponsors;   Peace Run 89;   Country Programme;  Peace Concerts
(would need a few more  since that time)
Form used with each country
__ 1. Original sponsorship for rooms in 1978
__ 2. Further sponsorship for rooms in 1982
__ 3. Continuing sponsorship for rooms 1982 to date
__ 4. Co-sponsorship of Peace walks -1983 to date
          ___ Participation in actual Peace Walk
__ 5. Reception at .Jharna-Kala Gallery -13 Sept:. 1985
__6. Country progrannnes
__ 7. Lake Success Peace Run
__ Closing Ceremony
__ 8. Peace Messenger Award: letter to S-G: 12 oct. 1987
—-9. International Peace Run 87
__ Opening ceremony
__ Closing Ceremony
__ Written Message
__ Oral Message Runner
–International Peace Run 89:
__ Opening ceremony
__ Closing Ceremony
__ Written Message
__ Oral Message Runner
–10. other friends

sample result page


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