1987 Jul Peace Run for the United Nations – Lake Sucess to U.N. HQ.

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A group run in support of the United Nations} work for peace (not a race). Lake Success) Long Island to United Nations Headquarters

Sponsored by:

  • the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in cooperation with
  • The United Notions Staff Recreation Council-Relaxation Club and
  • Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations.

In Jul (12th ?) 1987, United Nations delegates and staff together with local runners participated in the Peace Run for the United Nations, a group relay run in support of the United Nations work for peace.

The 18.5-mile course began at Lake Success, Long Island, former site of United Nations headquarters, and ended at the current headquarters building in Manhattan.

THE PEACE RUN IS NOT A RACE, but a group run in support of the United Nations’ work for peace.

The run begins at Lake Success, former home of the United Nations, and passes through Flushing Meadows Corona Park, site of early sessions of the UN General Assembly.

Runners will stay together, carrying small flags of the United Nations and its Member States. You may run as much or as little of the 18.5 course as you wish. However, the pace will be moderate and, for safety reasons, slower runners are requested to please plan on running only during the first or the last mile.

Brief stops along the route (see schedule) can be used as points for passing the flag between national relay team members or as pick-up or drop-off for those who will be running only part of the course. Refreshments will be served at each stopping place and at the finish. Vehicles will accompany the group at all times to provide water for the runners and transportation between stopping points.

PEACE RUN for the United Nations


• RUN THE FINAL MILE FROM 2ND AVE. AT 59TH STREET, MANHATTAN – 12:40 P.M. • Contact other runners from your country and form a national relay team.

Photos of runners arriving at the United Nations



and the final ceremony with Sri Chinmoy on UN Plaza.


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