Swim 33, Montevideo, Uruguay, for UN’s Year of Peace, 1987 – Jan 09

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During 1986, four members of the Peace Meditation group, staff members of the United Nations Secretariat and UNICEF, undertook a number of “Swims for Peace” to draw attention to the United Nations International Year of Peace.


Swimmers with Sri Chinmoy (right) before an earlier swim in Chile

Their first swim was on 1 January in the frigid waters off Hiroshima, Japan. Each swam two kilometres around the sacred Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island. Because of the overwhelming response of the Japanese people and the media, and the encouragement of their colleagues, they swam again Five days later on 6 January.This time in Nagasaki Harbour. The City Hall supported the swim and the Director of the Peace Museum was on hand for the event.

For More information and links to  other swims see:  35 locations for UN IYP 1986

On returning to UN Headquarters in NY, they were encouraged by a letter of appreciation from the Office of the Secretary-General commending the “intrepid endeavors” and “admirable commitment, which you and your colleagues in the Meditation Group share for the principles of the United Nations Organization and its International Year of Peace,”

The swimmers then traveled to a total of 35 sites around the globe—all at their own expense—to swim for peace.

Below is some Media coverage of event at

Montevideo, Uruguay

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add also photos from  the slides at beach to be developed.


 Sri Chinmoy with the swimmers and  banners for IYP.

He is leader of regular Peace Meditations at the UN headquarters in NY and encouraged the swimmers in their Support for the International Year of Peace – IYP).


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The enthusiastic response, reflected in the over 50 newspaper articles that covered the swims, inspired them to continue in 1987. For More information and links to  other swims see:  35 locations for UN IYP 1986