Song for Peace in South America – Dec 1986

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During the International Year of Peace celebrations, Sri Chinmoy offered several peace concerts in South America during a month-long spiritual holiday he and some members of the meditation Group at the UN took in Argentina, Chile and Peru. They were also joined by a group of his students from around the world

The first concert was held Dec. 18 at the United Nations Information Centre in Buenos Aires. Dignitaries attending included the wife and sister of Argentina’s President.

In Chile, the Master gave a concert Dec. 23 at the UN Organizations Regional headquarters in  Santiago, the Capital of Chile. It is the location of the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Carribean (ECLAC).

Other peace concerts were held in Vina del Mar, Chile  on Dec. 28 and in Valdivia, Chile  on Jan. 4.

On Jan. 11 Sri Chinmoy offered his final peace concert of the trip in Lima, Peru. Each of the concerts included a performance of a special song the Master had composed, honouring the particular country in which the concert was held.

Note: during the visit, a number of members of the meditation Group also undertook “Swims  for UN International Year of Peace 1986” in each location in Argentina, Chile and Peru to draw attention to the UN proclaimed 1986 International Year of Peace. The swimmers also traveled separately to: Montevideo, Uruguay; Rio de Janero, Brazil; and La Paz, Bolivia for demonstration swims. This included the high altitude  Lake Titicaca in the Andes on the border of Peru and Bolivia. By volume of water, it is the largest lake in South America.

 The photos below are from the Peace concert in Santiago, Chile.

Members of The Peace Meditation at the the United Nations Choir, performed a number of songs during the concert.



Sri Chinmoy met with some of the Guests after the concert.

The Chief of U.N Security and Safety for the United Nations office in Santiago, Carlos Stozek, kindly escorted Sri Chinmoy and pointed out different features about the buildings, grounds and previous visitors.

He is a friend of Sri Chinmoy and members of the meditation Group from when he previously served at the UN Headquarters in N.Y.

He was part of the  personal security team for Secretary General U Thant and represented the Security and Safety Service when U Thant Island was dedicated in the the East River adjacent to the UN. That 1977 Programme was organized by Sri Chinmoy and the Peace Meditation group.

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