1986 Peace Walk for UN Gen. Assembly: Day of Peace, Prayer Breakfast 16 Sep

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Sri Chinmoy meditated with participants at the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast held for United Nations diplomats and staff members on Sept. 16 to commemorate the opening of the General Assembly.

Earlier that morning there was a seven-mile peace walk through Manhattan.


Series of Worldwide Peace Walks Held on: Tuesday, 16 September 1986, The United Nations International Day of Peace

The PEACE WALK was held in sixty-five cities on six continents (see attached). The purpose was to offer moral and spiritual support for the progress of the united Nations General Assembly on the opening day of its annual session, proclaimed the International Day of Peace.

Routes for the Peace walks were designed in many cities to pass by landmarks symbolic of the quest for peace. For instance, :

  • in Hiroshima, Japan, the Walk took place in the Peace Park at the site of the atomic explosion in 1945.
  • In Toronto, Canada, the Walk began with silent meditation at the Eternal Fla.Ire in the Peace Garden at City Hall, am
  • in London, England, it passed by the Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park.

A seven-mile Peace walk began and ended at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Among the dignitaries who participated were:

  • the Dean of Westminster Abbey and Lord Ennals, Chairman of the united ‘Nations Association of the United Kingdom in London, and
  • Mr. David Smith, member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament, in Toronto.
  • In New York, United Nations Ambassadors and delegates
  • and Professor Wangari Maathai, founder of Kenya’s Green Belt Movement, participated.

An inter-Faiths Prayer-Breakfast hosted by Ambassador Constantine Moushoutas of Cyprus followed the Walk.

The New York Walk was televised nation-wide by CBS.

Peace Walks were supported by:

  • United Nations Associations in Victoria, Canada and London, and by
  • the UN Office in Paris.

Newspapers, radio and television carried news of the events in many cities.

The Peace Walk, which will be held annually, was appropriately inaugurated during 1986, declared by the United Nations General Assembly, the International Year of Peace.






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