U.N. Delegates Wives Play Tennis Tournament In Queens, 1985 Aug 03

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Members of the Peace Meditation at the UN were on hand when six wives of UN delegates graced a private tennis court in Jamaica, Queens,Saturday, August 3 for a round-robin tennis tournament and clinic.

1985-08-aug-03-delegates-wives-tennis-ckg-after_Page_3-crpThe ladies were guests of Sri Chinmoy, the Indian spiritual master, who for the last fifteen years, has directed the Peace Meditations at the United Nations.

  • Mrs. Anthony Godson of the United Kingdom won the tournament 5-4 over
  • Mrs. Yvonne Maycock, wife of Deputy Permanent Rep. Ernest Besley Maycock of Barbados.
  • Third place went to Flushing resident Jenner Findlay from Saint Vincent and the Greoadines.


“Love And Serve” Welcoming each UN guest with roses and gifts, Sri Chinmoy said, “Tennis is a matter of ‘love and serve ~and then comes the victory. Our goal, your goal, humapity’s goal is love and serve. Tennis is a most significant game because it reminds us always of our goals here on earth.’ “I am praying,” he said, “for your husbands’ continued success in their outer lives and for their continuous progress in their inner lives.” .

Also participating were:

  • Mrs. Jane Tin Pe, wife of the Deputy Perm. Rep. to the UN from Burma;
  • Counsellor Fanyna Glynn of Honduras;
  • Mrs. Geeta Verma, wife of Deputy Perm. Rep. Vinay Verma of India and
  • Uganda delegate Miss Elizabeth Anyoti.

– report from “New York Voice – Sat Aug 10, 1985



3 August 1985 Aspiration-Ground Tennis Court Jamaica, New York *

Post-tournament remarks made to wives by Sri Chinmoy


I am extremely happy and I am extremely grateful that you have come here to play tennis. Some of you are beginners while others are excellent players. But the beginners need not feel sad, for everybody has to start out as a beginner in every field of life. Today’s beginners can tomorrow become champions. The beginners will not remain always beginners. In a twinkling they can easily become good players. This is what we have all along been observing. Again, the excellent champion players also can make progress. Good or excellent players can become better and best and transcend their capacities. Our goal is transcendence, self-transcendence, so we are all the time competing with ourselves.

I am very, very glad and very deeply honoured t hat you have come to play on our court. You have given us immense joy and I am offering to each of you my heart’s soulful gratitude • You have come from various parts of the world to work at the United Nations, serving not only your country but also the entire world. I am praying for your husbands’ continued success in their outer lives and for their continuous progress in their inner lives. We do hope that some day they also will be able to come to our court and play with their colleagues, and t hen we will have a oneness-family.

Tennis is a matter of love and serve, and then comes the victory. Our goal, your goal, humanity’s oneness-goal, is love and serve. Tennis is a most significant game, for it reminds us always of our goal here on earth.

Once more to each of you I am offering my heart’s most soulful gratitude. your happiness in the game today was most soulful and most meaningful. It has brought such joy to my tennis-life. Whenever you feel like coming and playing here in our court, you come – any time, any hour. This court will always be available for you all. Those of you who are beginners, please practise either here or elsewhere. You don’t have to remain beginners. Just play and become excellent players, like we have seen some excellent players here today.

You are exhausted, thirsty and hungry, so you all come to the restaurant now and please eat.





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