Dr. Jorge Illueca, Pres. U.N. General Assembly welcomes Sri Chinmoy to UN Office, Jun 28 1984

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-Dr. Jorge Illueca, President of the United Nations General Assembly, welcomed Sri Chinmoy to his Secretariat office June 28 for a warm spiritual discussion.


The two U.N. leaders exchanged gifts, and Sri Chinmoy sang a song he had composed earlier in the day honouring Illueca.

“I feel very humble and know that I am full of limitations, but when I meet with you and listen to you I realise that there are deeper human qualities of the spirit that we together can cultivate . . . so that collectively we can work together for peace,” Illueca told the Master, who has been holding peace meditations at the U.N. for more than 14 years.

Sri Chinmoy praised Illueca for his “spiritual generosity” and said: “We shall always treasure you in the depths of our hearts for what you are doing to help create a oneness-world-family .”

– report in Anahata Nada April – Jul 1984

1984-06-jun-28-pres-ga-illueca-welcomes-ckg-un-offfice-A-Nad-apr-jul-1984_Page_1Dr. jorge Illueca, President of the United Nations General Assembly as well
as President of Panama, welcomes Sri Chinmoy to his U.N. office during a
meeting June 28.

1984-06-jun-28-Sri-Chinmoy-with-pres-of-UN General-Assembly-Jorge-Illueca-viewDr Illueca and Sri Chinmoy  – enjoy a video of mutual interest during the meeting.










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