L.L. Mehrotra, Ambassador of India to Argentina 1984 May 16

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In a meeting on 16 May 1984, L. L. Mehrotra, the Ambassador of India to Argentina, greets Sri Chinmoy.

Ambassador Mehrotra had lold Sri Chinmoy: “I am most thankful that you are still here in the United States performing a magnificent role in the service of Mother India and the whole mankind.”

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Sri Chinmoy presents a gift to L.L. Mehrotra, his boss at the Indian Consulate in New York 20 years ago, during a special function May 16 at P.S. 86 in Queens. The event was held to honour the Indian diploma:, who is currently India’s Ambassador to Argentina. At the end of the programme, he said, “I have nothing to offer you this evening except tears of love.”