1983 J. Illueca, Pres, UN General Assembly, U Thant Peace Award, Dec 03 SUMMARY NY Daily News

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When Dr Illueca  received the U Thant Peace Award,  his many friends and admirers were thrilled to see his smile captured in the NY Daily News, Sunday, December 18, 1983 . (excerpt below)

“The president of the United Nations General Assembly, Jorge lllueca of Panama. received the U Thant Puce Award from Sri Chinmoy.. . Chinmoy, a meditation leader for members of the UN for the past 13 years, presented the award to Illueca ‘for his work exemplifying the spiritual values for which the former UN Secretary General U Thant is remembered,’
“Chinmoy called Illueca a ‘roaring lion of the United Nations, and said the Panamanian serve as an “unparalleled brother in answering humanity’s  sorrowful cries.’ “

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U Thant Peace Award, Dec 03 DETAILS -PHOTOS

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1983 J. Illueca, Pres. UN General Assembly, U Thant Peace Award, Dec 03 DETAILS -PHOTOS

Includes: text introduction, comments by Sri Chinmoy , Dr. Illueca and  photos


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General Assembly President Dr. Jorge E. Illueca receives the Award from Sri Chinmoy : The Peace Meditation at the United Nations


On 3 December 1983 Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations awarded Dr. Jorge E. Illueca, President of the Th£try-eighth Session of the United Nations General Assembly, the second annual U Thant Peace Award for his remarkable contributions toward world peace carried out in the spirit and according to the spiritual ideals, of the late Secretary-General U Thant. Following are excerpts from the programme held at Van Wyck Junior High School 217 in Queens, New York.