Quotes about UN: Poster 13th Ann. Peace Meditation at UN, Calendar 1983-84

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Each nation has human beings who aspire for a better, more illumining and more fulfilling world. These seekers have expressed their aspiration in and through various fields: spirituality, religion, philosophy, science , music, art, poetry and so forth. The United Nations is not only for the delegates. and representatives of the various nations. It is for all those who have aspired and do aspire and will always aspire.”

“If we say that the United Nations is the result of the twentieth century awakening, then we are mistaken. The United Nations is he outgrowth of the inner awakening of  human beings from time Immemorial.”

~ Sri Chinmoy (exact citations for both quotes to be added)


Individually Adapted versions were used in subsequent years:

eg: camera shot of  one below that hung for 20 + years in one UN office….




Camera shot without adaptation

1983-04-apr-14-med-group-anniv-poster-clanander-un-photo-ckg-quote-camera shot

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