1982 Activities Listings – Meditation Group

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Partial List of programmes, events, countries, individuals participating in activities of Sri Chinmoy: the Peace Meditation at the United Nations.

This list is indicative of the types of activities but not exhaustive of all participation or events. Some times a consolidated or partial list sorted by subject-category, date, person or country. To be reviewed and updated. Eventually to have embedded links to actual programmes or photos where they are available


18 January    -Programme dedicated to Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar
2 February      -Centennial tribute to United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt
5 February       -Meditation programme for the diplomatic community
19 February     -Programme to honour Ambassador Zenon Rossides of Cyprus on his birthday
1-14 April         -Thirteen-Day Run for Peace by Meditation Group member Mr. Kirit Makita
7 April                -Concert for peace at Carnegie Hall, with members of the U.N. community as special guests
14 April              -Special peace meditation for the 12th anniversary of the Group
23 April             -Programme to congratulate Dr. Robert Muller on his appointment as Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs
‘lJ April             -Sri Chinmoy invited to participate in a religious conference organised by the Movement for a Better World
3 May                  -Programme to honour Japan on the occasion of Emperor Hirohito’s 81st birthday
7 May                   -Observance of the National Day of Prayer
8 May                 -The T agore Society of New York and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan invited Sri Chinmoy to be guest of honour at a programme marking the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore
10 May                -Farewell programme for Ms. Yvette Ripplinger
7 June                  -Prayer session for the success of the U.N. Second Special Session on Disarmamemt
11 and 13 June   -One-mile fun runs for the U.N. community
21 Junc                 -Concert and luncheon for women in the international community, with guest speaker Mrs. Margaret Y. Catley-Carlson, Deputy Executive Director (Operations) of UNICEF
28 June           -Talk on disarmament by Ambassador Zenon Rossides. Members of Vermont Peacemakers, a Christian youth organisation, joined the Group for the occasion
13 July           -Luncheon for woman in the diplomatic community at Annam Brabma Restaurant
4 August         -Meeting with the Indian High Commissioner to Canada, Dr. Sardar Dhillon
5 August           -Concert for the diplomatic community
14 September    -Concert with Ambassador Davidson L. Hepburn of the Bahamas
7 October         -Meditation Group invited by Delegates’ Wives Club to give a concert and meditation
7 October           -U Thant Peace Award presented to Ambassador Zenon Rossides of Cyprus
7 October           -Meeting with Vice President of Panama, Dr. Jorge Illueca
8 and 10 October   -One-mile fun runs for the U.N. community
I2 October             -A forum for original poetry, with Ambassador Rossides as honourary host
22 October              -Symposium commemorating U.N. Day
29 October          -Programme in honour of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday
30 October             -Meeting with President of India, Giani Zail Singh
23 November            -Celebration of International Day of Thanksgiving
29 November           -Celebration of the 17th anniversary of UNDP

Shows the scope of the activities – at United Nations headquarters and around the world – of Sri Chinmoy and members of the Peace Meditation group, in addition to twice-weekly meditations for peace at the United Nations