Centennial Tribute to Franklin D. Roosevelt at UN Feb 1982

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2 February 1982 The Peace Meditation group a the U.N.held a centennial tribute to United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a programme held in the, Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium.

Keynote speaker was Mr. Curtis Roosevelt, grandson of the President
and a senior officer of the United Nations Department of International Economic and Social Affairs.

Although Franklin Roosevelt died before the actual formation of the United Nations, his talks with world leaders during World War II were instrumental to its creation.

His wife, Eleanor, served as a United States diplomat to the United Nations, focusing her attention on the passage of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights.

The programme also included the performance by the meditation group singers of two songs dedicated by Sri Chinmoy to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.



Sri Chinmoy (seated left) and Curtis Roosevelt (at podium right)

commemorate Franklin Roosevelt’s centennial.


President Roosevelt, President I
A perfect commitment.
o luminous mind, 0 spacious heart,
Your life conquered the fear-dart.
You were the nation’s thrill of hope Nowhere
doubt-venom, doubt-rope.




Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor!
u. S. mother pure,
The world’s sister sure.
o heart of compassion-lore,
o soul of protection-shore!
Champion fighter for human rights,
Illumination of poverty-nights.


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