Cartoon – “Secret Meditation Break at the U.N.” early 1980’s?

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This cartoon was on a staff members wall for many years with the caption written in – “Secret Meditation Break at the U.N.”

It was said to be put up in response to the fact that many of those who attended the twice weekly Peace Meditation at the UN, led by Sri Chinmoy would often come back to their work much smiling and refreshed….

some even said ” a little too happy”,,1985-12-dec-31-cartoon-med-break-at-un-date-unknown_Page_1

copied and used by many others …

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Note the post WW 2 desk and chairs , used by many UN offices from first founded in 1940’s until 2000…

– with the roll-deck of contact cards. and gift desk pen set with that blotter….

and no mouse pad

Unknown where the original is from – maybe a different article in local or national magazine such As the National Lampoon Magazine..

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