1981 Activities Listings – Meditation Group

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Partial List of programmes, events, countries, individuals participating in activities of Sri Chinmoy: the Peace Meditation at the United Nations.

This list is indicative of the types of activities but not exhaustive of all participation or events. Some times a consolidated or partial list sorted by subject-category, date, person or country. To be reviewed and updated. Eventually to have embedded links to actual programmes or photos where they are available


9 January      -Human Rights Award presented by the Meditation Group to Rudiger von Wechmar, President of the 35th session of the General Assembly
21 January       -Special programme of thanksgiving in gratitude for the release of the U.S. hostages in Iran
4 February      -Celebration of Sri Lanka’s National Day
17 February     -Ceremony in which the diplomatic community honoured Dr. Jorge Illueca on his appointment as Foreign Minister of Panama
9 March           -International Women’s Day observed
2 and 3 April      -One-mile fun runs for the United Nations community
14 April          -Special peace meditation for the 11th anniversary of the Group
14 May          -Prayer service for Pope Paul II
10 June  /Jul?       -Programme highlighting the cultural traditions of Western European States  *Note some print reports note 10 Jun for this event, However the first in this regional series was 07 July and photo from this second in the regional series event says 10 Jul, it is most likely that 10 Jul is correct date.
19 June         -Concert organised for the Accounts Division

26 June        -Programme to commemorate U.N. Charter Day
7 July           -Programme highlighting the cultural traditions of the Latin American States
14 July          -Programme highlighting the cultural traditions of the Asian States
7 August      -Programme to honour supervisors and senior colleagues within the U.N. Secretariat
20 August     -Ceremony in which Sri Chinmoy was awarded a national decoration of Panama by Foreign Minister Jorge Illueca, on behalf of President Royo of Panama
17 September -Meeting at the Mission of Panama to honour Foreign Minister Illueca
30 September  -Meeting with the President of Panama, Mr. Aristides Royo, at a Panama State reception in New York
2 and 4 October    -One-mile fun runs fur the U.N. community
6 October            -Prayer service for President Anwar El Sadat of Egypt, after the assassination attempt against him
23 October      -Observance of U.N. Day
29 October      -Programme to celebrate Universal Children’s Day
10 November   -Observance of UNESCO’s 35th anniversary
20 November   -Observance of International Day of Thanksgiving
16 December      -Classical concert for members of the U.N. community

Shows the scope of the activities – at United Nations headquarters and around the world – of Sri Chinmoy and members of the Peace Meditation group, in addition to twice-weekly meditations for peace at the United Nations