Eleventh Anniversary of Peace Meditations at the United Nations, 1981 Apr 14

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Sri Chinmoy: the Peace Meditation at the U.N. marked its 11th year of existence at the United Nations in a programme held 14 April 1981 in the Chapel of the Church Center for the United Nations.

Toward the  end of the Programme Sri Chinmoy made the following remarks about the members of the Peace Meditation Group and the United Nations :

Each member of the Meditation Group is a petal. These petals some day, somehow, will be fully blossomed and I am sure that each one will then be placed on the shrine of the inner temple of the United Nations, where a oneness-heart, a oneness-life and a oneness-home will play and grow together and thus fulfil the supremely important vision of the United Nations.

As long as we can remain faithful to the soul of the United Nations, as long as we can maintain our faith in the vision of the United Nations, we do not have to worry about anything. We shall succeed, for our success is nothing short of humanity’s most glorious progress in discovering a oneness-home, oneness-home, oneness-home.

14 April 1981


Ambassador Zenon Rossides of Cyprus spoke about the importance of the spirit as well as the intellect in decision-making at the United Nations and pointed out that in a world which has nuclear capability, the cost of error in decisions could be great.


  • Ambassador Reynaldo Arcilla of the Philippines spoke about his country, and those present were delighted to be able to ask him questions.

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From Periodic Bulletin: Meditation at the United Nations April 1981.

PDF format of report in periodic Bulletin : “Meditation at the United Nations” Apr 1981


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