Prayer for Gratitude Day -22 Sep 1980

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A Poetic Offering by Sri Chinmoy, Leader of the Peace Meditations at the United Nations.

World Gratitude Day was celebrated by the meditation group 22 September 1980



My Lord Supreme, this is a special day, Gratitude Day. Alas, I do not have even an iota of gratitude to offer You. Since I have no gratitude, please tell me what I can offer You instead.

“My child, then give Me a soulful promise.”

My Lord Supreme, I do not know what a soulful promise is. I always break my promise. I promise in season and out of season. But never do I fulfil my promises. Such being the case, my Lord Supreme, please tell me what I can offer You instead of a soulful promise.

“My child, then tell Me that you love Me divinely.” My Lord Supreme, I do not know what divine Love is. How can I offer You divine Love when I do not know what divine Love feels like?

“My child, then give Me a fruitful cry. Cry for Me once, only once in your life.”

Alas, my Lord Supreme, I do not cry even for myself. How do You expect me to cry for You?

“My child, let Me tell you one thing. Both of us deserve two special names. Each of us will have a new name. Your new name will be a secret and clever unwillingness, and My new Name will be an unreservedly open and compassionately stupid Forgiveness.”


Download PDF: 1993-09-sep-21-confirm-date-Prayer-for-Gratitude-Day-Sri-Chinmoy

Above was also published in: United Nations: The World’s Oneness-Home – book 2005 May 11

Previously appeared in:  Sri Chinmoy, The Inner Role Of The United Nations, Agni Press, 1993. Not sure of exact date of Talk to be confirmed – would most likely be before end of 1993 (at latest) since wold Gratitude Day was Celebrated on 21 sept.