International Year of Child Honored – Washington DC – more IYC PHOTOS 1979 May 23

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D. Programme for IYC at the USA National Visitor Center in Washington DC. Guest Speakers Representative Geraldine Ferraror, USA Parks Dept.

E. Dedication of IYC in Washington DC Park and Garden in California

On 23 May,1979 the Meditation Group was invited to join with the U.S. National Park Service to honour the International Year of the Child (IYC) in a reception and tree planting ceremony held at the National Visitor Center in Washington. The programme coincided with the opening of a two-month exhibit in the Visitor Center of Sri Chinmoy’s paintings, dedicated to IYC and sponsored by the Park Service.

The reception included remarks by representatives of the Park Service and the IYC Secretariat, and by Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro, as well as a short meditation by Sri Chinmoy. Under-Secretary of the Interior James A. Joseph unveiled a tree dedicated to the International Year of the Child.

Below are some additional photos from the days events:

This week in Washington at the National Visitors Center:


Introductions and Audience anticipation:


Podium Speakers:




Tree Plaque Unveiled

Book and Art exhibit:





Meditation in Room:




In Park where Tree will be planted with Plaque:

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A separate report on the Plaque for  International Year of the Child placed in President ‘s Park in Washington, D.C. on 4 October 1979. The United States National Park Service and Sri Chinmoy Meditation at the United Nations dedicated a plaque to the International Year of the Child.

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