Einstein Centennial Commemoration at Princeton University 1979 Mar 18

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In March of 1979 friends  and  colleagues  of  Albert  Einstein  joined  Sri  Chinmoy: the Peace   Meditation  at  the  United  Nations  in  observing  the  scientist’s  centennial  in  two  commemorative  programmes .  

At  the  first,  held  in  co-operation  with  Princeton  University,  members  of  the  Princeton  community  gathered  in  the  University  Chapel  on  18  March  1979.

 At  the  second  on  20  March,  United  Nations  diplomats  and  staff  met  in  the  Dag  Hammarskjold  Auditorium  at  United  Nations  Headquarters  in  New  York.  

Featured  in  both  programmes  were  songs  Sri  Chinmoy  had  dedicated  to  Einstein,  several  composed  to  the  words  of  the  scientist . 

The page below covers the first of the two programes at Princeton University.

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see also full PDF report in periodical Bulletin: “Meditation at the UN” April 1979


Centennial Commemoration at Princeton University

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